Telangana CM KCR – Establishes 3 out 4 Fundamentals within First Month

The main Slogan of Telangana Statehood movement had 4 Main Democratic and Constitutionally valid Fundamentals Behind it :

1. Mana neellu (Our Water), 2. Mana Nidhulu (Our Resources) , 3. Mana uudyogalu (Our Jobs), 4. Mana adhikaram (Our Administration)

Essentially Telangana was not seeking anything that does not belong to it nor was ready to forego anything any further.

As  KCR completes FIRST months to-day He already has established following unequivocally in no uncertain terms with the real facts.

1. Mana Adhikaram (Our Administration)

Technically this has been established on June 2, 2014 itself with the Establishment of Telangana as 29th State of India, I would say the speed, smoothness and the consensus building and rallying all sections of the society, political forces that includes bitter political rivals along by focusing only on the interests of entire State of Telangana, with his clear and concrete vision and action Plan.

I would say below address on 13th June 2014 by KCR the first Chief Minister of Telangana to the First Assembly session will be remembered forever and sets a good example for any chief minister in India

Full length speech of Chief Minister KCR in Assembly on 13th June 2014

2. Mana neellu (Our Water)

AP has been diverting 10 TMC of precious Krishna Water every year in the name of Drinking Water for early rice plantations in Krishna Delta and Dry Telangana minority region being part of this majority region tyranny in the State, could do nothing as it had no constitutional means to approach any authority in the country, as soon as AP continued to attempt the same under disguise of routine practice, Telangana Government asked to explain how come such large water is required when after years of negotiation, City of Chennai was allocated 15 TMC Krishna water for entire Year? With Central Government finally ordering about  4 TMC only in a week and that’s to be used for Drinking Water only and the Hydal power generated while releasing this water goes to the state of Telangana.

This is just the right start and nails the major rightful water share of dry Telangana diverted to wet and rich krishna delta by the Andhra rulers for 58 years, that the Central Government too could not overlook and starts making things fairer in a gradual process ..

 3. Mana Nidhulu (Our Resources) 

I would say Telangana Government in its wise and candid move on three specific subjects has taken wise decisions in its duty to the people of the state

  • Acting to implement the High Court order on 627 acres Gurukul Trust land illegally converted and occupied by largely the Andhra Community amongst them some of the Big Stars included and this land in the city’s prime location is valued around 20,000 crores, and the innovative methods of the state to initiate the recovery through non violent and non destructive yet effective ways such as thisGHMC Brilliant Idea to Clean up illegal Mess in Hyderabad. -1 GHMC Brilliant Idea to Clean up illegal Mess in Hyderabad. -2 GHMC Brilliant Idea to Clean up illegal Mess in Hyderabad. -3 GHMC Brilliant Idea to Clean up illegal Mess in Hyderabad
  • Farm loan Waiver to the most distressed farmers in the Arid Telangana state that is highly dependent on Irrigation pump based agriculture and small and medium farmers are large majority and has been Indias distressed area with high rate of farmer suicides.
  • The direction set on Telangana Goverment assisting the parents of the state in their high cost of their children higher education irrespective of there they study within the limits that Government can afford to give relief through limited reimbursement of such fees to the Telangana domcile parents is the best way of returning back the tax payer money of the state to the people it comes from.

 4. Mana Udyogalu (Our Jobs)

This is Work in Progress as the Center is yet to complete the process and by sticking to its demand to fulfill the completion of GO 610 and not make State a permanent victim of the injustice and also by acting to establish Telangana public service commission within first month and also notifying the recruitment into police force and teachers to make the security and education get started quickly with full strength and speed the direction is clearly set and the speed is right.

Great One Month Our Beloved Chief Minister

May God Bless you to serve the state longer and better.

Jai Telangana

Jai Bharat



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