Save Andhra Pradesh from Polavaram – Prof Shivaji Rao

May God give wisdom to the people of East and West Godavari to Listen to their own and make the Govt of Andhra Pradesh Change the approach to this ill conceived Project that carries higher Risk and Damage than the benefit that can be derived anyway with the suggested alternatives.

Instead of Hydal power that can bring only 9 months and nothing during peak summer, better go for solar power in the forests of the land that can be saved and you will get more power when you need more in summer

Cost of 1000 MW solar plant is not going to be more than 6000 Crores which can be included in the same Central Budget

Importantly while Polavaram may take 10 yrs 1000 ME Solar Power Plant is doable in 1 year and save AP Power Crisis too

Don’t lose the Wisdom and see the matters through the prism of Telangana and regret for ever…
Prof.T.Shivaji Rao,
Director, Centre for Environmental Studies,
Gitam University, Visakhapatnam- 530 045 INDIA

Aur Ek Sapna

Prof Shivaji Rao, environmental scientist, warns of severe catastrophe downstream of Polavaram due to any dam break and other threats. Also he mentions large number of villages upstream getting adversely affected over and above what is reported by the AP government as affected areas due to backwater effect. The damage is likely to affect about 369 villages. Magnitude of this nature was estimated by the study conducted by Aranyika (Bharath Bhushan, Murali et al 1992, 1994)


There are several other dimensions of the Polavaram project that require the work to be stopped immediately.


Any approvals given by any department to the Polavaram project are null and void as the designs that are taking shape on ground are totally different from the project report that was the basis of these approvals. The current design of Polavaram project pursued by YS Rajashekar Reddy government is in violation of the decades…

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