An appeal for Bharat Ratna to PVNR the “Chanakya of Modern India”


My 10 Reasons why India must Honor India’s 9th Prime Minister Sri P V Narsimha Rao posthumously with Bharat Ratna

  1. As Prime Minister, he Converted an Economic Crisis (It was a period when India’s foreign currency reserves had plummeted to around US$ 1 billion that was barely sufficient to finance two weeks of imports.) into an Opportunity and Changed the direction and destiny of India, laid the foundation of Modern India by ending the regime of LICENSE and Opening up market for all Indians and integrating Indian economy into World Market
  2. His Govt policies resulted in greater employment, reduction in poverty and self-sufficiency in agriculture and achieving 6.5% economic growth, the highest ever until then for any Five Year plan period.
  3. Started Look East Policy for India, India became a Sectoral Dialogue partner of ASEAN in 1992 and a full Dialogue Partner in 1996.
  4. Achievements in National Security
    It was due to Narasimha Rao’s efforts in national nuclear security and ballistic missiles program that India successfully carried out the 1998 Pokhran nuclear tests.
  5. The commendable national consensus quality politics he played with opposition leader Sri Atal Bihari Vajpayee as Prime Minister that was the golden 5 years in Indian politics that he ran minority government for full 5 years for the first time in India’s history is a testimony.
  6. India’s accession to the WTO in January 1995 and Shri Rao’s role in it was pivotal.
  7. As Chief Minister of Andhra Pradesh from 1971 to 1973, he was steadfast in his commitments towards the implementation of Land Ceiling Act in the State. This Act became one of the most effective Land Ceiling Acts in the country. He had initiated these reforms amidst strong opposition with the singular goal of ushering in equity by bring benefit to the poor and the landless. This made him one of the most forwarded-looking Chief Ministers of the state and his time.
  8. AICC Plenary in Tirupati in 1992 where  elections were held for the CWC at the instance of Narasimha Rao. In an unusual spectacle, Congress heavyweights were seen sweating it out during the three-day session seeking votes from AICC delegates both on and off the field. this was the only instance of this Grand Old Party in my life time so far !
  9. A historic vote to overturn the “Zionism equals racism” resolution was about to come up at the UN, and Liebler appealed to Rao to vote for it. He passionately argued for full diplomatic relations and complained that India had treated Israel as a “pariah”. Rao assured Liebler that India never equated Zionism with racism. “We sometimes have to go along with things we are not 100 per cent in agreement with,” Rao said. Liebler pressed him further, but Rao refused to commit. Yet when the resolution came up at the UN, India voted for it.
  10. Rao was the first Indian leader who made foreign industrialists feel as if they were in the presence of a statesmen leader whom they can trust, not a politician.

6 thoughts on “An appeal for Bharat Ratna to PVNR the “Chanakya of Modern India”

  1. sdatwordpress

    I had my career made in Indian Equity Markets. I had been a Dealer for National Stock Exchange. And I love NSEIL and SEBI too for that matter, which later on went to develop, NSDL…and CCIL too along with RBI and FIMMDA guidelines. For that I definitely feel grateful for the Govt/regime that had allowed a Committee based Operating Stock Exchange to flourish. Never I has any inclination to become dealer or in any part be involved with BSE (Mumbai Stock Exchange). I greatly love my years with NSEIL member Stock brokers. Working was so easy with Exchange Guidelines and Operatives. So for that ..I want that point of Investment Market Environment improvement needs to be mentioned. SEBI Act and establishment of NSEIL was done in the period of PVNR.

    Though, I would not go so far as to call, PVNR and Manmonhan Singh as Father and Chankyas of Indian Economics etc…as all they had to do was implement World Banks Conditions. But what I definitely commend about the two of them at that time, is they steered seamlessly the transition from Licence Raj to Liberalized economy, when we needed to survive in those difficult times.

    Since I had lived in Delhi in those days, have seen PVNR operating. Yes, there was growing alienation in people with Congress and more alignment towards BJP, but it was not about being against PVNR or his leadership. It was more about people’s anger with Congress and its dynastic control, since never would a day go by without Congress chamchas asking for Sonia to join politics. PVNR did not face stiff opposition from outside, rather he faced opposition from inside his own party. Really wonder how he survives his 5 years. Wonder how much he had to gulp down just to keep semblance of leadership.

    Janma Jayanti wishes to PVNR.


  2. sdatwordpress

    The problem with Good Governance and emotional and non-intelligent uninspired janata is that, they do not understand, good governance lays down foundation and nurtures. Its benefits are seen by later governments, So Manmohan Singh benefitted from Vajpayee, who reaped benefits from PVNR. Its only that PVNR inherited worst from DeveGowda-VPSingh-ChandraSekhar Govt, just like Modi inherited worst governance from Manmohan Singh.

    As for the Babri Masjid demolition, the whole of Delhi knew that Congress and BJP together wanted the Mosque to be demolished. Now it is not PVNR who wished that, its the Congress who wished PVNR to be maligned. Whatever the politics then, as young firebrand College going girl myself, I was passionately arguing with my friend’s mother that its good that demolition happened. Aunty kept on saying I was wrong to think that…and I got her reprimand, but I felt vindicated of the fact that here ends the stupid notions of Minority, Reservation etc. Because such protectionism was hurting young aspirants from India. The stupid Mandal Commission closed down schools for 2 months and I was in XII standard for God’s sake! the year of Boards and later College at a time, there were no professional courses to even pursue other than being Engg or Medicine or Employment Entrance Exams. When children see too much disturbance around them, they stick to that one thing that hurts them most…and if it is unjustice and inequality leading to unfairness, they turn destructive.

    I am not sure what I am writing here and how all this is even related to PVNR….then all I have to say is that he was PM of the country in its toughest times, not just in politicking, he also saw the Trade Cycle down period with El Nino Effect contunuing climate wise. Even Vajpayee faced the Strong El Nino years, but Industrial downtrend and consolidation was what was happening in PVNR era. This was perceived as negative by common people, who saw the good years coming only in Vajpayee followed by 1st term of Manmohan Singh years.

    People have to understand that Prosperty is in making good decisions and working for it, and not just seeing the money and material comforts around. What happens later on is people becoming vain and vagrant, failing to acknowledge whence this prosperity comes from. Sometimes, I feel good to have been part of all that was changing drastically, and be part of those changing moments and movements filled with struggle and lived through determination.

    1. Venkat Gandhi Post author

      I missed the Resolution of Punjab Problem in my listing One of the Biggest Achievements of any PM till date on Internal Security Problems of India


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