Whats is Domicile Certificate in India? Why is it Needed?

What is a Domicile Certificate and Why is it Needed?

A Domicile/Residence Certificate is generally issued to prove that the person bearing the Certificate is a Domicile/Resident of the State/UT by which the Certificate is being issued. This Certificate is required as proof of residence to avail Domicile/Resident Quotas in educational institutions and in the Government Service, as also in case of jobs where local residents are preferred.

What You Need to Do to Obtain a Domicile Certificate

The prescribed application forms are either available online or from the local authorities, i.e. the Sub-Divisional Magistrate/Tehsildar’s office/Revenue Department/District Collector’s Office, or any other authority as specified in the State/UT of your residence. You will be required to produce proof of continuous residence in the State/UT for a specified minimum period, or that of holding land in the State/UT, depending on the rules in the State/UT concerned. Documents for proving your identity, attestation of the form by officers with the necessary authority, school certificates and the Tehsil Enquiry Report may also be required.

Women not originally belonging to a State/UT, but married to men who are permanent residents of the State/UT or who are eligible for the State’s/UT’s Domicile Certificate, are eligible to apply for Domicile Certificate.


Domicile Certificate can be made only in one State/UT. Obtaining Domicile Certificate from more than one State/UT is an offence.

Source : http://www.archive.india.gov.in/howdo/howdoi.php?service=5

Some States with Very Stringent Norms to issue Domicile Certificates are

Obtain a Domicile Certificate: Rajasthan

  • The certificate is issued to a person who has been residing in the State of Rajasthan for 10 years or more.

Obtain a Domicile Certificate: Uttarakhand

  • Any person who is a resident of India and a bonafide resident of the State, is eligible to avail the service. Persons having a permanent home in the State will be eligible for it. In this category, the residents of the state, who have been residing in the State for at least 15 years, or who are having a permanent home in the State, but are presently residing outside the State for earning a living, will also be considered. A permanent home means that the person is living ancestrally/ having an ancestral house in the State.

Obtain a Domicile Certificate: Tamil Nadu 

  • Nativity Certificate is issued subject to the applicant proving continuous residence for five years or more.

Obtain a Domicile Certificate: Chhattisgarh 

  • Person born in Chhattisgarh
  • Either the person/parents living in Chhattisgarh since 15 yrs

The New State of Telangana has been victim of Tyranny of Majority (rulers from Seemandhra) of the previous Government had actually used the brute majority to amend all safe guards called Mulki Rules

1)   A person shall be called a Mulki if—-

a)   by birth he is a subject of the Hyderabad State, or

b)    by  residence in the Hyderabad State, be entitled to be a Mulki, or

c)   his father having completed 15 years of Service was in the Government Service at the time of his birth , or

d)   she is a wife of a person who is a Mulki.

3)   A person shall be called a Mulki who was a permanent resident of the Hyderabad State for at least 15 years and has abandoned the idea of returning to the place of his residence and has obtained an affidavit to that effect on a prescribed form attested by a Magistrate.

None of this is in force today and has done grave injustice to Telangana

Time has come for Government of Telangana to Form its Domicile Rules clearly and fairly even though 15 years is not a good idea, it must consider moderate criteria that will continue to attract the genuine people all over from India and same time protects the locals from any further exploitative measures from any other state..



4 thoughts on “Whats is Domicile Certificate in India? Why is it Needed?

  1. Vijay Kumar Thakur

    I am foreign citizen (Nepali) working in India in private sector,since 2006 till date almost 11years, paying IT as well.
    My kids are studying in India only.
    I have pan card,Aadhar card, residential proof.My kids are eligible to get domicile certificate or not, please answer me ASAP.

    1. Venkat Gandhi Post author

      Dear Vijay

      Domicile rules are different from state to state and are for Indian Citizen only.

      You have to check if India has special agreement with Nepal to extend the privileges of Indian Citizens, if yes then check the conditions.
      After that you have to check the domicile status rules of the state in India where you are living.

      Sorry, there is no simple answer to your question

  2. amit

    Sir I’m from Bihar BT born and living in hyd ts .from 25 years I have done graduation from hyd.but don’t have caste certife frm here.because here there is no caste of mine .they r not issuing .so I bought from Bihar .can I apply for state job in ts .

    1. Venkat Gandhi Post author

      When you are resident for 25 years you would be a Telangana state domicile.
      Caste Certificate required only if you wish to avail Reservations
      Each state goes by its own list of castes, I don’t think other state caste certificate would be relavent.
      Domicile and Caste are independent subjects that each state deals on its own basis


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