My Top 10 Blog Posts

Title    Views
Whats Special Category State ? Do AP or Telangana Sates Qualify ? 904
Why Telangana? What was Tyranny of Majority? 709
Hyderabad – No to Joint or Share Capital, Please name Residual AP Capital 698
Decoding of TRS, TDP and BJP Electoral Performance in 2009 and 2014 Loksabha Elections – #Telangana 501
2014 Indian General Elections Forecast 390
ఇక బ్రాండ్ తెలంగాణ అనిపించాలి 387
What Should BJP do in AP and Telangana? 328
Telangana is now the Responsibility of Modi and BJP before Elections 223
日本の若者の未来に向けて私のアイデア My Ideas for Future of Japanese Youth 202
Tax Payers Money in VIZAG & Hyderabad since 1956 merger 200

Thank Each and every one of the Visitor to my Post and hope it was of some value to you.
May God Bless You

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