Why its not Polavaram Ordinance but #Fraud Ordinance

While neither Presidents Office, nor Prime Ministers Office is transparent and forthcoming with facts after the first Cabinet meeting of India’s Prime Minister Narendra Modi

It is widely reported in the Presss “Cabinet clears ordinance on controversial Polavaram project

Why this ordinance is not about Polavaram Project

1. The Polavaram Project has been named as National Project in THE ANDHRA PRADESH REORGANISATION ACT, 2014

2. All the Areas notified by Govt of AP for Evacuation due to submersion of this Mega Project and 3 more villages are already transferred or retained in the residuary state of Andhra Pradesh

Part II article 3

Khammam (but excluding the revenue villages in the Mandals specified
in G.O.Ms. No. 111 Irrigation & CAD (LA IV R&R-I) Department, dated the 27th June,
2005 and the revenue villages of Bhurgampadu, Seetharamanagaram and Kondreka in
Bhurgampadu Mandal) ” 

This in itself covers all the area + more as per current design submitted by the state to CWC.

So what exactly the Narendra modi government is attempting?

1. It is attempting taking all seven mandals remaining (ie not submerged and not affected by Polavaram Project by a Stroke to Andhra Pradesh against the wishes of these 2 Lakh additional people to almost 2 Lakh people already affected most of them are Adivasis.

2. At a stroke it is transferring 450 MW Silery Hydal Project that comes under Telangana currently to Andhra Pradesh adding to the 2000 MW Deficit in Power Generation Capacity that Telangana already suffers.

Any one with basic Respect to Democracy and Constitution must condemn this attempt that is nothing short of fraud to circumvent Article 3 of Constitution before the Telangana Establishment Day.

It is a Day light Murder of Indian Democracy and I still hope this does not happen and President and Prime Minister take this Ordinance Back and welcome the arrival of 29th State of India Telangana that has been subject to Tyranny of Majority for 58 years and is subjected to innumerable betrayals and continues to see it even with new Prime Minister very very unfortunately..

Please STOP this FRAUD let the people affected get their democratic choice, Telangana is not opposing Polavaram Project and Development of Seemandhra it is only opposing do not resort to disgraceful acts to deny the Adivasis their fundamental right to choose their place of living and which state they wish to be with..

What would be the fate of these Aborigin Adivasis of this beautiful land where Lord Rama did his Vanavasam in the hands of the people who resorted to this level of fraud and backstabbing is not hard to imagine, appeal to people of India to stand by the Adivasis of India to who we owed in our constitution to protect them and their lands on priority.

Jai Bharat


10 thoughts on “Why its not Polavaram Ordinance but #Fraud Ordinance

  1. Ram

    Why are you people making hue & cry about Polvaram Ordinance. The founding father of Telangana Sri. KCR demanded for 1956 Telangana. Till 1st Nov 1959 the entire 8 mandalas of Bhadrachalam were part of East Godavari District. You people have got more than your share. Please stop the nonsense.

    1. Venkat Gandhi Post author

      Let the act say so and not Screw up the people and place with something here something there ..
      How the hell both governments can work..
      I am against Farse and Stupid Act thats impractical..
      If entire Khammam is to be with Seemandhra so be it but that should be democratic and clean not for serving vested interests

    2. Venkat Gandhi Post author

      Its the democratic choice that the people of that land must get
      They can not be torn into pieces simply because they are adivasis and have no voice in this ruthless selfish world..
      Shame on Indian democracy and the Prime Minister who has he highest responsibility of aborigin adivasis protected under schedule 6 to be torn into pieces like this to serve vested interests..
      PM will face music in Supreme Court to answer fundamental questions on adivasis..
      Make no mistake about it..
      this is not Telangana and Seemandhra matter its much more
      Learn to know the basic tenants of our constitution and commitments it made to Adivasis under schedule 6

  2. Ram

    Mr. Gandhi if democracy and choice of people has to be taken into count referendum should be held in HYDERABAD CITY. Atleast 70% of Hyderabadis don’t want to be part of TG. The GOM had recommended for pre 1956 status with respect to the territorial division of the united state. However the Criminal Congress Party included Bhadrachalam division in TG be coz it required a constitutional amendment to the del imitation of Parlimentary constituencies in view of the BCM Assembly segment being in Mahbubabad PC since 2009. Pre dial imitation in 2009 the BHADRACHALAM PC extended from Bhadrachalam to Araku and it was a homogenous territory of Seemandhra merged with Khammam district for administrative convenience in 1959. Dear you are talking about the rights of aboriginous tribes, what were u doing when the project took off. For your kind information the rights of aborigines have been sucked up plain tribes of TG who migrated after 1959. 1951 census of Bhadrachalam in EG District 600 odd plain tribes, but now they more than 60000 enjoying not just enjoying usurped all the benefits which hither to belong to aborigines. Sorry for being harsh but it is the truth. BCM is Schedule 5 area not 6.

    1. Venkat Gandhi Post author

      Thanks Ram in your comment lies the Real answer that no one can afford to ovelook
      Your Said “it wasMerged with Khammam district for administrative convenience in 1959. ”
      I say its not covenience its the essence of governance is to provide good governance.
      No body can make a regressive step of making it difficult to provide administration this clearly makes life difficult for government of AP to serve the people worse than the situation before 1959..
      You can not have selective amnesia ..
      I said the ordinance includes the schedule 6 areas and its a fact , of course there are schedule 5 areas too..

      Do not get personal on comments..
      Project is struck in court precisely because of its violations and hence is yet to get all clearances as yet inspite of it being 30 year old initiative..

      If you wish to keep too much hopes, your choice..
      If the wisdom prevails and design is changed for good of everyone and ordinance is withdrawn for humanitarian needs then I see the project becoming reality in 10 years ..
      In the current approach, I doubt it can happen even in 20 years..
      choice is with people of AP ..
      Telangana will have its doors open for the Aborigin Adivasis and will always be ready to co-operate as equal partner and neighbor not the Dadagiri..
      Again choice is with seemandhra whether to co-operate and collaborate or use Dadagiri confrontation..
      You get what you choose

    2. Venkat Gandhi Post author

      Is it not mandatory on the part of the government to take the consent of the gram sabhas to make changes of any in the boundaries of the agency areas under the Fifth Schedule as per the PESA Act?

  3. Ram

    Dear Gandhi Schedule 6 of the constitution applies only to North East, rest of India is Schedule 5. The area is governed by PESA ACT 1997. Do u know how far is Chintur from Khammam & Kakinada. Have you ever been to Bhadrachalam. All the benefits of ITDA are taken by plain tribes, the Sarpanches, Ration Dealers & Petrol pumps are owned by plain tribes. Great injustice had been perpetuated upon aborigines of Bhadrachalam by plain tribes who migrated post 1959. The merger of Bhadrachalam with Khammam had turned out into a curse for the aborigines. If you are really concerned about the welfare of aborigines let Bhadrachalam & Rampa Sub-Division be clubbed together & be made a district with Bhadrachalam as Head Quarters in Seemandhra. It will be in the interests of aborigines. Where is the essence of governance when the lives of aborigines have sucked up by plain tribes. Plz look at the status of aborigines in Bhadrachalam & Rampa. You are forwarding the cause of plain tribes who settled in Bhadrachalam post 1959.

    1. Venkat Gandhi Post author

      You are only justifying more why the project itself is Bigger Curse..
      w/o project if such a curse exists on aborigines and violations of PESA act ..
      With project it will be Total devastation..
      I have no objection with seperate district and thats exactly the reason Telangana planned to carve out Kothadugem District ..as part of 12 new districts to be created in Telangana for better governance.

      More Seemandhra tries to explain, the more it exposes ..

      Better thing is to co-operate, collaborate to make a Win-win-win arrangement..

      Seemandhra can never find a better partner than KCR but alas they see him as a villain and take suicidal steps..

      God give wisdom to Seemandhra people to get out of what Bluff media and Bluff leaders tell them and act with conscience and deal with Telangana with respect as Equals and give up the fraudulent and dubious means ..


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