Policy Suggestions to Telangana CM KCR – Farm Loan Waivers to Refinance Empowerment : Solar Pumps

An appeal to first Telangana State Chief Minister Designate KCR Garu As you set out to fulfill your Poll Promise to Waive Rs 1 Lakh Loans to Telangana Farmers that is expected to cost around Rs 15,000 Crores based on below promise in the manifesto. TRS-Party-Manifesto-for-Agriculture   I would also consider this poll Promise as Very innovative proposition solve this problem on a long term basis by addressing the root cause of Telangana Farmers Problem. TRS-Party-Manifesto-Power-Sector Root Cause of Telangana Agriculture Failure is directly the consequence of Failing to Supply Power when it is needed most by the farmers as a result either they cut down irrigated area or suffer the crop failure due to erratic and unreliable power supply. Suicides and Agriculture Stats   The Suggestion is to Issue Guidelines to All the Banks getting this huge Tax Payer Money into their accounts to Re-utilize it to Make Priority Re-financing by Targeting the Most Vulnerable Farmers Very High Priority Segment :Rain feed Farmers who have 2 to 5 Acres Irrigatable Land but do not have Pump Sets or Borewells Solution :

  • Liberal Financing and Subsidies for completing Borewell with Solar Pumpsets of upto 5 HP (Off Grid)
  • All Savings of TRANSCO not incurring expenses on laying the Power Line + Savings on account of FREE Supply for 5 Years to be Given as Subsidy in the initial Cost   (I would assume this would come around Rs 2 Lakhs then add Center Subsidy and whatever remaining amount the Farmer should Get Interest fee 10 Year Loan against the mortgage of Solar PV installation

High Priority Segment : Farmers who have 2 to 5 Acres Bore well Irrigated land but TRANSCO is not able to supply even 4 Hrs Supply, ready to get out of the Power Grid for Solar Power Solution :

  • Extend 50% Subsidy from State Govt to about Rs 5 Lakh expected cost of Solar PV Kit to Energize such pumps
  • After Central subsidy remaining amount can be Financed at Zero interest for 10 year loan as Solar Plant last for 25 years.
  • Remove them from the Grid and save the Grid loss and divert the Grid power to Other paid uses.

I think this measure will change the Telangana Agriculture Growth Remarkably in the very first Year We can certainly hope to prevent farmer suicides across Telangana and see the happiness come back on the face of Telangana Farmer. If we have about 13 Lakh active Submersible Pump sets in Telangana , this money even if we assume Rs 2.5 Lakhs as subsidy and 2.5 Lakhs as Interest free long term loan can actually add 3 Lakh Solar Pump Sets that will work with Grace of Son God when the Farmer needs it most and will work almost double the time around 9 Hrs+ uninterrupted against 4 to 5 hrs that farmer may get power with interruption during summer time, with Rabi Crop giving higher profitability Capital formation with Telangana farmers will easily see at least 30 % Jump and Agriculture Growth itself may touch even 10% the way MP has been achieving Jai Telangana Jai Bharat


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