Telangana Clear Mandate to TRS and KCR as First CM

People of Telangana have spoken loud and clear

  1. Telangana Full Statehood is yet to happen
  2. KCR Leadership and TRS role in Telangana Statehood is above and beyond any debate
  3. Telangana needs to have own party that will fight to protect its interests without being influenced by the stronger neighbor states vested interests and relentless attempts to play through both national parties
  4. With Anti Telangana at Heart TDP embracing BJP just before elections in an opportunist move and now having won the mandate of successor Andhra Pradesh State to have a Very deceptive, manipulative and influencial leader as the Chief Minister
  5. BJP has got its mandate on its own so there is no need of any new allies in the center

Hence, Appeal to Telangana Ratna KCR Garu


to respect the mandate of People of Telangana and give up MP seat to become the First Chief Minister of Telangana State and take the State on Fast Track to be productive, progressive, hospitable, inclusive, successful Telangana State as Pride of India

Jai Telangana

Jai Bharat


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