Angry India Sayonara to UPA and NaMo Namah to BJP with 272+

In an unprecedented way, Angry India gave Majority Mandate to Single Party BJP after 30 Years with 272+ Well deserved Victory for Sri Narendra Modi Ji an accomplishment without any parallel in Independent India.

India First Modi


Congratulations India and you have Spoken Loud and Clear

  • Perform or Perish
  • Empowerment not Doles
  • Work for All not for Vote Banks
  • No More Vote Banks, Care for All
  • Development not Dynasty that matters
  • Do not take us for granted
  • Jobs, Price Control and Prevention of Corruption all three important
  • Do not play with emotions be it any party a lesson for BJP too in #Telangana for Modi Ji hurting emotions with Gaffes.

Places unprecedented opportunity and responsibility on Sri Narendra Modi and BJP I believe they will raise to the occasion and start delivering soon. Certainly Great to Have Sri L K Advani as Speaker taking the Respect of his Prodigy Sri Narendra Modi Ji address him as Adyaksh Ji and later as President of India and be the Iron Health Man of India for years to come.


Jai Bharat


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