Must Answer Telangana Questions to Congress TDP and BJP

Dear Voters of Telangana

In this last week, for once in 5 years all the political parties come to your door step.

Do not forget to ask the important questions to Congress TDP and BJP

1. Will you legalize illegal (in violation of GO 610 and related orders) Employees through options and deny the rights of Telangana people permanently?

2. Why did you insult Telangana state and Federalism by imposing restrictions on Hyderabad?

3. Why did you not make any National Project Provision for Backward Telangana with SLBC Canal not completed for over 30 years and national shame of fluorosis problem ?

4. Is Telangana State of India or Sub-state of Seemandhra?

5. Why did you fail since 1956 to do justice to Telangana ?

6. Can you bring back the lives of Telangana Martyrs and the agony suffered by people of Telangana?

7. Why do you say one thing in Telangana and another in Seemandhra particularly after we vote on April 30?

8. Why should the people affected by Polavaram project be forced to adopt Seemandhra and not give them democratic choice to choose their host state between Telangana and Seemandhra?

9. Why are you not reducing the Environmental and submersion of Inhabitants due to Polavaram project? How safe is such a project that does not exist on Ganges or Brahmaputra in India?

10. What did you do to Telangana when we gave vote and power so far in the history?


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