Telangana Curious Questions to TDP’s Chandra Babu Naidu

As an ordinary person from Telangana my fundamental questions to TDP President Chandra Babu Naidu00

Telangana did not have grudge on you when you backstabbed  your father in law Late Sri NTR as for us its your family internal affair and we voted for the party.

Telangana did not dump you and your party even after you backstabbed your alliance partner BJP after 2004 loss of elections as it was matter between two political parties.

However We now have some fundamental Questions as to why we should not call you the Telangana Drohi No 1

1. Is it not true that NDA Govt could not deliver Telangana state because of your threat to withdraw support to BJP Govt in the center for six years?

2. Is it not true that you have gone back on all promises on the night of 9th Dec 2009 and have got all your Seemandhra party MLA’s be in the forefront to oppose Telangana with mass resignations and the sponsored agitations forcing the Govt of India to back track of its promise made in both houses of Parliament and is the prime reason for loss of over 1200 precious lifes of Telangana youth?

3. Is it not true that you and your party speaker has not allowed to utter #Telangana word in the assembly?

4. Is it not true that you have not allowed Telangana resolution in the assembly as leader of opposition?

5. Is it not true that you have not developed any part of the state or Hyderabad other than Cyberabad for your party Cronie Capitalist sponsors ?

6. Is it not true that your Govt killed atleast 4 people in Police Firing like General Dyer on Agitating Farmers in Hyderabad against hike in Agricultural Power Tariffs these are poor Telangana farmers who do not get canal water need Power to irrigate their dry arid agricultural lands?

7. Is it not true that you have destroyed systematically Telangana Industries Nizam Sugar Factory, IDPL, Hyderabad Allwyn and so on..?

8. What exactly is the meaning of your Equal Justice that you yourself could not specific in the assembly for 50 days ?

9. What was the compulsion for you to carry the burden of minority state Congress government and not vote it out with TRS, TSRCP and BJP supported no confidence motion?

10. What exactly are your hectic negotiations with BJP and other parties during the Telangana bill in Parliament?

11. What the terms of your alliance against the wishes of Telangana BJP leadership and workers in Telangana ?

12. What is your understanding and contents of your discussion with Nagabairava JP of LSP?



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