Telangana Curious Questions to Sonia G and Rahul G

As an Ordinary person from Telangana My Fundamental Questions to Congress President Smt Sonia Gandhi and her heir Sri Rahul Gandhi

  1. Why did Congress Party Betray #Telangana people after announcement on 9th December 2009 that resulted in loss of precious lifes of more than 1200 Telangana Youth over 4 years since then?
  2. Is it not true that you wanted the full term for Congress party in both Center and State hence waited till last 6 months of the term, where there can’t be re-election even if any of your MP’s and MLA’s resign?
  3. Why is that your party not taken action on your defiant CM acting against Constitution and your decision since the day you announced till his resignation?
  4. Why is that either of you not cared to visit #Seemandhra and explain the fair decision to the people as a result made the 58 years Victim #Telangana look as some beneficiary and Seemandhra that violated every agreement for 58 years and has been the test case of Tyranny of Majority made to look as a Victim in the eyes of ordinary indians?
  5. Why should Telangana people accept the insult inflicted by Congress on Telangana people with the restrictions placed and not delivering the honorable #The29thState #Telangana like other 28 States of India?

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