Why and What’s the Implication of TDP+BJP Political Harakiri alliance.

Today on 6th of April 2014, On its foundation day BJP has committed Political Harakiti in Telangana by taking up Save Anti Telangana TDP bait with taint instead of #CongressMuktTelangana made easy by alliance with TRS that cadre, people and state leadership of both parties wanted for the good of the state.

Why this Alliance happened?

  1. Since 2004 unexpected rout of TDP leade by then famous Chief Minister of AP Chandrababu has not been able to win back the Lost Trust, he created alliance of all non congress parties in 2009 but still lost to YSR lead Congress for second time.
  2. After Backstabbing #Telangana State on 9th Dec 2009 midnight, TDP political fortunes in Telangan are gone with the wind that it is struggling to even keep deposits in half the seats in Telangana, its own assessment after almost 10+ MLA’s resigned since 2009 election is such it has carried the minority congress Govt on its shoulders since 16th March 2013 as it did not vote with TRS, YSRCP, BJP Voted collectively infavor of No Confidence Motion on Congress Government in Andhra Pradesh.
  3. After July 30th CWC and UPA decision to grant #Telangana Statehood followed by 11th August 2013 Narendra Modi rally in Hyderabad, Writing was on the wall for Chandra Babu Naidu that TDP very survival and existence is under threat.

Necessity is the Mother of Invention and hence is this “Dead Alliance for a decade has been Re-invented” by TDP and its Sponsors with influence to change the track and embrace BJP and Narendra Modi to counter Congress Plan to deliver Telangana and Political Survival to fight popular TRS in Telangana and YSRCP in Seemandhra.

Whats not yet clear though is what and who are the influence behind BJP accepting and receiving the old ally who actually was bad loser in 2004 and was worst critique of 2002 Gujarat tragedy for Modi Ji, ironically its Modi himself and his Team Modi that is batting not the traditional BJP Leadership and the RSS as one can understand from various sources and reports, since its quite an illogical step, guess its probably never going to be so clear as to which force and why? will leave this matter there, since the alliance is now formalized irrespective of what I or anyone is to say there is not National Interest but Vested Interest behind this alliance.

Whats the Implication 

1. Worst Implication of this alliance is for Telangana State and the people Itself, Every single leader that People of Telangana take pride in have been sidelined, ignored or is being target by separately or jointly by this alliance partners :

  • KCR
  • Sushma Swaraj
  • Kishan Reddy
  • Nagam

2. Envelope BJP Team of Treasurers and Head Office Back Office Team and Anti Telangana NDA ally has taken Center Stage from BJP and NDA

  • Arun Jaitley
  • Piyush Goyal
  • Prakash Javdekar
  • Naresh Gujral

3. Opposition of Entire BJP Telangana State units is ignored and worst defamation campaign launched by TDP yellow media and its SM brigade on Telangana BJP leaders

4. No explanation as to why should Anti Telangana TDP has to be thrust on Telangana BJP and give lifeline to the party that is facing threat of survival in Telangana and why should Telangana BJP unit be not given freedom to chose its alliance partner or go alone in the worst case instead of a suicide alliance.

5. This level of defiance by local BJP unit and the iron hand from High Command in Telangana is Unprecedented and no rational can be looked into.

What are the potential Motives and Risks that Anti Telangana TDP Can still try to do through its presence inside NDA Government in 2014 (Playing Devils Advocate)

  1. Worst case is TDP tries to get the Jun 2 Establishment Date postponed through ordinance
  2. Forces Modi Legal Chief Arun Jaitley to place weak defence in Supreme court and make some admissions of mistakes in the process
  3. Demand BJP to come good on the Constitutional amendment on Hyderabad on all points said by Venkiah Naidu and Arun Jaitley in Rajya Sabha they are so Anti Telangana words that I do not wish to re-state here.
  4. Drag the New Capital and Common Capital of 10 years indefinitely like it happened to Chandigarh
  5. Many more possibilities once Chameleon Backstabbing Naidu is inside the Union Cabinet lead by Sri Narendra Modi Ji

What I foresee happening electorally for which we will see the results on May 16th


Thanks to at least from 7 MP and 47 MLA seats the Andhra Party leaves the fields before the polls and rest will be taken care by Voters on April 30 :

My prediction depending on the candidate selection Alliance has

– ZERO to Max 2 seats in Loksabha possibility

– Both will have Single Digit MLA’s  in the new Telagana Assembly.


I leave it to my fellow Indians from Seemandhra to make their choice and talk about it ..

In nutshell, I see BJP wasted a Gifted opportunity by Congress to

– To make good debut in both states with double digit vote share and few MP’s in both states

– To make itself Very attractive for Winners in both states to have post poll alliance hence transform the Congress state into Strong NDA state with 30+ seats

Instead with this Pre-poll alliance

NDA ends up with Single Digit together in the 2 states

If NDA tally falls significantly short of 272 then both TRS and YSRCP with 10+ MP seats may support BJP (minus Modi, minus TDP)

Raising the chances of another Delhi type of Congress Sponsored Kichdi Government..

I seriously hope, BJP does not score more Self Goals and cost of this Self Goal is not going to be As severe to BJP.

Jai Telangana
Jai Hind

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