Curious Questions to Sri Narendra Modi from Telangana

As BJP has announced it has deep alliance discussions with TDP in both Andhra Pradesh and Telangana and is not having any discussion with TRS

Here are the Questions I believe millions of People in Telangana are asking Sri Narendra Modi Ji the PM candidate of BJP

  • Is your First Slogan of National Executive #CongressMuktBharat does not include #CongressMuktTelangana ?
  • Is Telangana in your view Equal State of India and Daughter of Bharat Mata or Is it the Daughter of Mother Telugu ?  I guess your answer is given below which we failed to understand correctly that we see coming through the alliance?

Modi On Telangana After Parliament Passed the Act

Hearing you, One can only find total apathy towards the 58 years of injustice and the Tyranny of Majority that was played out in Telangana and instead siding with hegemony as victim?

  • What are those compulsions that do not let you treat Seemandhra and Telangana as seperate and independent states and the political parties of respective states get freedom to work for the good of the people, party and Nation.
  • You say, you are there because of BJP Karyakartas sweat, and just what is the compulsion that you should embrace the party and leader that ditched you and prevented you from delivering Telangana during 6 years of BJP rule even after it promised in Kakinada ? More importantly REJECT the choice of People, Party Cader who co-worked tirelessly since 2009 Dec Betrayal of Congress to force congress to deliver (TRS and BJP are the Leading Partners of Telangana Joint Action Committee and TDP was never part of it)
  • What are the Terms of this Unholy alliance that lacks any chemistry at the ground and has sudden deeper and longer dating period at the Top ! We will see how long it LASTS..

For our commitment to Punish Congress for its Betrayal is Higher than yours We continue and March on to Oust Congress from Telangana, however BJP has to Earn its Credibility from ZERO

For India does not have better alternative, we will continue to back BJP to replace the current regime, however people have started to notice unchecked power in your hands carries hidden RISKS

Telangana has done following Good to the Nation

  1. Ends the Risk of Secessionist  tendency of Linguistic States as happened with USSR when the states become large and powerful
  2. Ends the Tyranny of Majority the Dark side of Parliamentary democracy
  3. Showed the Cracks in BJP Leadership and your inability to state your position and vision to both states that is Fair and constitutionally tenable, except ranting to attack congress.
    Neither you presented road map during the state re-organization process nor till date !
  4. Showed the autocratic, non transparent ways of your decision making process that does not take leaders and party along much before you got the mandate !

A True BJP supporter continuing to pursue #CongressMuktTelangana as part of our duty to Bharat Mata in spite of strayed Leadership of BJP.

Jai Hind


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