How Can BJP Make Serious Debut in Telangana on Its Own

After Serial Self Goals By Sri Narendra Modi Lead BJP in Telangana Primarily with its move for unholy alliance with Telangana Drohi Party

As part of my tireless effort to make BJP Top Leadership understand what it needs to do to make a Serious Debut in Telangana

BJP must announce its Manifesto for Telangana and it must include

  1. Seemandhra Capital and transition from Hyderabad to be completed before 2019 (End the 10 year period into 5 year) for better development of both states 
  2. 30+ Year Old incompletete SLBC (Srisailam Left Bank Canal) Remaining Project will be taken over by Center as National Project and 100% completed before 2019 and end the Florosis problem
  3. BJP will setup 1000 MW Solar Plant each in Mahabood Nagar and Adilabad under Central Govt Project with 80% power to Telangana
  4. BJP is committed to Re-design the Polavaram with objective of :
    – Keeping the water utilization min to 80% of current level
    – Reducing submergence by half
    – Reducing submergence inhabitants by 3/4
    – Increase the Safety of the Dam for the lives of Seemandhra people can be in danger as
    its No 3 River of India and no such Dam exists in India till date on Ganga or  Brahmaputra
  5. All people to be Relocated under polavaram get their democratic choice of host state between AP and Telangana and All are assured of livelihood by Govt of India
  6. No illegal Seemandhra Native employee can be thrust on Telangana Govt 

Without concrete Agenda  BJP can forget getting back even current 4 MLA seats 

Jai Hind


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