Answers to Anarchist Questions by Arvind

Honestly wished Arvind Kejriwal and AAP bring some healthy politics to India and inspite of many attacks by millions across India since his commendable debut in politics in Delhi elections and then becoming CM in spite of being second largest party, I always maintained that He and his party be given time and its better for him and the party to test their ideas in Delhi gain the invaluable experience for good of India make matured entry into national politics.

Its very sad to see, he has pandered away the split mandate converted into gifted opportunity to be in power and make difference with narrow minded pretty politics and was waiting to see when do I get to have Mr Arvind Kejriwal in Black and White that He can be Busted to show what sort of Politics and Anarchist ideas he brings to India and I get my first chance to-day.

Anarchist Arvind Question 1: We got to know that the Gujarat government is demanding to raise the prices of gas extraction from KG Basin. However, UPA government has already ordered to increase the gas extraction prices from $4/unit to $8/unit which has triggered a massive furore. If you become PM, will you increase the gas prices to $16?

Answer : This is Very Very Risky Capital Intensive Business where the success rates are low in countries like India due to low availability of oil and gas reserves and thousands of crores are invested before any successful outflow of salable gas or oil comes out, in spite of only Major success of Reliance of Bombay High after 2 decades out Foreign Exchange Outflow to buy Energy is Raising and hitting the economy very very badly country spends much higher to buy equivalent energy to fill almost 80% Energy Gap in Petroleum between domestic production and total demand. By not rewarding the domestic both private and public enterprises on par with international prices on energy we already hurt ourselves and China in the same time has empowered their companies to go and acquire fields overseas to secure the future energy needs of the country.

This is such an Anarchist Question that is almost Anti National.

NASDAQ Natural Gas Prices since 2012

Anarchist Arvind Question 2: Is this true that the Gujarat government is purchasing solar energy at the rate of Rs 13/unit and that too without floating any tenders for the same. While the Madhya Pradesh and Karnataka government are buying it for Rs 7.5/unit and Rs 5.5/unit respectively even after going through proper tenders. Why is your government buying electricity at such high prices?

Answer : You are comparing the Solar Power Price under Innovative and Visionary Solar Power Policy of Sri Narendra Modi in 2009 that opened the Energy alternative Idea for India and has resulted in over 800 MW Solar Power in Gujarat out of 1000 odd in the Entire India with current 2013 Solar Power Projects of Other BJP States only forgetting similar reduction is achieved not just in Gujarat but World Over and the Reason is not in India’s hand but in the International Price Solar Modules (Cells/Films that are imported from China, Germany and Japan by all countries) have reduced to Half to 1/3 in 4 years time making Solar Power Break the Grid Parity in Many Countries


Here in Japan Added 8000 MW Solar Power last year with FIT(Feed in Tariff) of JPY42/Unit ie Rs 25/Unit that this year has been brought down to JPY38/Unit ie Rs 22/ Unit to the Solar

Even after 10% increase I as Consumer in Tokyo Pay only JPY 25/Unit ie Rs 15 / Unit and the Gap is Bridged by Government.

Another Anarchist Question of FAILED individual taking troubled Nation to the Ransom by attacking the Solution (Sri Modi ) than the Problem (10 JP)

Anarchist Arvind Question 3: Everywhere you claim that agriculture growth rate in Gujarat is 11 per cent but the same state government says that the agriculture production in Gujarat during 2006-07 stood at Rs 27,815 crore and in 2012-13 the same depreciated to Rs 25,908 crore. This signifies that during your tenure the agriculture growth has declined and the annual agriculture growth stands at -1.18 per cent. Considering all these facts and figures, on what basis do you claim 11 per cent agriculture growth?

Answer given on NEW DELHI, July 17, 2012 By

The former President praised Gujarat for maintaining 9 per cent agriculture growth rate for the past seven years.

The entire India has achieved only over 3 per cent growth rate in agriculture production. How Gujarat is able to attain 9 per cent growth rate?” Kalam said recalling the question he had posed to Centre for Management in Agriculture (CMA) that assisted the state in its agricultural policy.

Anarchist Arvind Question 4: More than 2/3rd of the small and medium enterprises in Gujarat have closed down in the past 10 years. We have seen this in Mehsana where 140 units out of 187 have been shut down. Hence, what’s your development model? Do you want to close down all the small and medium business units across the nation and give the power to certain corporate families of your choice?

Answer : Your Selective Amnesia and Bluff is Busted by FICCI (Check Table 7.8 Page 183)

Total Performance of the Micro Enterprise Sector in Gujarat

2006-07  -> 2011-12

Employees      28,269 -> 272,595

Investment   55106  ->  707963

Having busted the 4 top Blatant Bluffs, I Consider Below My dignity to respond to your remaining Prejudice mischievously masked as Questions ! 

“Empty Vessels Makes Noise”

Anarchist Arvind Prejudice Masked as Question 5: Everywhere you keep claiming that corruption has been eradicated in Gujarat but it is still rampant in various departments from top to bottom as up to Rs 10 lakh were demanded for the appointment of a ‘talati’ (a revenue official). To avail facility of BPL cards, Indira Awas Yojana, industrial licenses one has to pay bribe to get the work done. People are fed up of corruption in Gujarat. Then how can you claim that corruption has been eradicated in Gujarat?

Anarchist Arvind Prejudice Masked as Question 6: You have inducted people like Babu Bokharia in your ministry who is convicted for three years in an illegal mining case. And, Purshottam Solanki who is an accused in a Rs 450-crore fishery scam. Didn’t you find any honest person for your ministries out of 6 crore Gujaratis?

Anarchist Arvind Prejudice Masked as Question 7: People say that you have very close relations with Mukesh Ambani. Why have you given energy and mining ministries in Gujarat government to a person who is son-in-law of the Ambani family? Why are you doing this?

Anarchist Arvind Prejudice Masked as Question 8: The Gujarat is in a very bad state of unemployment. Recently, for the 1500 vacancies of ‘talati’ more than 13 lakh candidates had filed their applications. With such state how do you claim that you have given the solution to the problem of unemployment in the state.

Anarchist Arvind Prejudice Masked as Question 9: Your government is exploiting youths by paying them just Rs 5,300 per month that too on a contractual basis for the past five years. Do you think a person can run his family in just Rs 5,300 per month?

Anarchist Arvind Prejudice Masked as Question 10: Do you think that it’s the responsibility of the government to provide education to the poor people? We have been visiting various areas of Gujarat for the past few days and have seen that the state of government schools is very poor. We have seen colleges where only three teachers teach 600 students. How can a nation grow with such state of education?

Anarchist Arvind Prejudice Masked as Question 11: Do you think that it’s the responsibility of the government to provide health services to the poor? Medical and health services across the state are crippled. The services are marred by corruption. With this condition, why are you making such tall claims about the health and medical services of Gujarat?

Anarchist Arvind Prejudice Masked as Question 12: Farmers in Gujarat are fed up of your government as you are avoiding them in terms of Minimum Support Prices (MSP) for their crops due to which they are compelled to commit suicide. In the past few years, 800 farmers have committed suicide in Gujarat as the government has stopped subsidies for them.

Anarchist Arvind Prejudice Masked as Question 13: Throughout the nation you are saying that your government is providing electricity to every village in the state. But we got to know that for the past several years four lakh farmers are waiting to get the electricity connection. Then why do you make the hollow claims pertaining to electricity crisis?

Anarchist Arvind Bluff Masked as Question 14: Your government snatched the land of poor farmers and gave it to the few industrialists at throwaway prices. Ambanis and Adanis have got it for just Rs 1 per square metre. Why are you so cruel to farmers?

Anarchist Arvind Prejudice Masked as Question 15: To provide water to the people in Kutch region the height of the Sardar Sarovar Dam was increased in 2005 but even after 8 years the Kutch people have not been provided water but some of the industrialists are getting regular water supply for their businesses? Why such disparity?

Anarchist Arvind Prejudice Masked as Question 16: In Punjab, you had assured that the Sikh farmers of Kutch will not be deprived of the land allotted to them but your government has filed a case against them. Why don’t you withdraw the case?

Anarchist Arvind Prejudice Masked as Question 17: You tour various areas through private choppers. How many such choppers do you have? Who owns these choppers? How much do you pay for these choppers? Or is someone else paying for your tours? Why don’t you make these expenses public?


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