Suggested Course Corrections to Sri Narendra Modi Ji for Emphatic Victory on 16th May 2014

My #IndianDream  Dear Narendra Modi Ji

Even though You did not pass the Telangana Agni Pariksha with Flying colors as I would have Wished you did not FAIL either

I guess its humanly impossible for any human to know the nitty gritty of diversity, aspirations and dharma to all Indians and not to have some or other prejudice, hence I do reduce my own expectations from you and consider you still as the best option India has to get the country out of the terrible mess it has got itself into.

Here are few suggestions to enable BJP reach the magic figure of 272.

  1. Telangana : STOP blaming Congress and announce Kishan Reddy as the CM candidate of Telangana and Empower Telangana BJP Leaders to Drive the campaign  with 17 MP Candidates announced immediately. Please remove Venkiah Naidu Totally from the BJP affairs of Telangana if you have any respect to the feelings people of elangana (Its about Telangana Asmita and he represents the Assault on Telangana Asmita)
    Present BJP Vision to Telangana in no uncertain terms including all the unreasonable restrictions placed on the State of Telangana.
  2. Participation of BJP Leadership in Rallies – Time has come to make sure you make it a practise to have atleast one of these Top Leaders in each of the Rally (Sushma Swaraj, Arun Jaitley, Sri L K Advani Ji)
  3. Drive All BJP Leaders Out of Office on to the Street (Door to Door) : Like Vasudara Ji, In each state the Campaigner has to hit the Road Non STOP till the election Date from tomorrow and not be in BJP office.
  4. South and East No Alliances is Safe Strategy: for below States in my view is not alliances but going alone and the reason is Likely winners may not wish pre-poll alliance and antagonizing them withe small party alliance may RISK the Post poll alliances
    (Telangana, Andhra Pradesh, Tamilnadu, Kerala, Orissa, West Bengal)
    Objective should be to make double digit vote share so that all Winners Que up to Join NDA post poll.
  5. Make 4 BJP CM’s Development Mascots Shift from hitting Dead Congress to Playing Positive Campaign and take Shivaraj Singh Chauhan, Dr Raman Singh, Vasundara Raje Ji and Manohar Parikar into atleast one Major State for campaigns
    Dr Raman Singh to Telangana and Jharkhand and Bihar
    Shivaraj Singh Chauhan to Andhra Pradesh, UP
    Manohar Parikkar to Kerala and Tamilnadu
    Vasundara Raje to Haryana & DelhiFinally Make it Inclusive Campaign
    Jai Hind

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