Telangana’s Message

Good Editorial from EPW

కట్టా మీఠా

Vol – XLIX No. 9, March 01, 2014

EPW Editorial

The troubled formation of India’s 29th state suggests the need for a new States’ Reorganisation Commission.


It has taken more than four years of a raucous and very ill-tempered process since the first formal announcement on the creation of the new state of Telangana for Parliament to approve the division of Andhra Pradesh (AP). Ever since the then minister of home affairs, P Chidambaram, made a statement on 9 December 2009 that the Government of India would initiate the process for bifurcation of AP, the government has faced determined opposition from political leaders of coastal Andhra Pradesh and Rayalaseema, which are together now termed Seemandhra. The shrillness of the opposition from some political leaders of Seemandhra to the formation of Telangana contrasts sharply with the calm response in 2004 when the Congress came to power both in Hyderabad and New…

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