Thought for the Lakhs of Tribals to be affected by Polavaram Project

My first request to the first Chief Minister of the State of Telangana is to move Resolution in the Telangana assembly standing by the Lakhs of people who had expressed to be part of the State of Telangana through the Panchayat Resolutions from the villages to be submerged in the Polavaram National Irrigation Project.

1. For the Project to be Re-designed to minimize the Environmental impact and the submerge of tribal villages under the Scheduled Areas in accordance with the Fifth Schedule which require consultation and approval of the Tribal Advisory Council in the state and obtain the environmental clearance with full compliance.

2. People to be Relocated and Rehabilitated must be given democratic choice to choose between the states of Telangana and Andhra Pradesh and in proportion of the choice made by the people, Center must finance execute the Relief and Rehabilitation through the respective state governments.

Govt having taken away their lands and homes must not thrust the host state on them and let them choose

Jai Telangana, Jai AP, Jai Hind



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