13th February 2013 #SeemandhraTerrorism in Parliament

Indian Democracy is Ashamed by the Brazenness of Terrorist Sabotage method opted by Seemandhra MP’s in Indian parliament and aided by the Seemandhra Ministers too to stall the introduction of Telangana Bill.

Blot on Indian democracy and it also poses serious questions and challenge to the way Speaker of Loksabha and Chairman of Rajya Sabha have been conducting both houses of Parliament.

Chair is willing to conduct the house in din for passing the Railway budget.
Chair is not willing to suspend the extremist lumpen MP’s taking the nation to ride for two sessions in succession.
Chair is not willing to give clarification to the opposition whether the AP Re-organization bill is introduced or not.

Chair is not willing to conduct the house after suspension of 16 MP’s.

Nation expects the chairs of both houses to raise to the occasion for the nation for once (not their political patrons) and conduct the house with ZERO tolerance and let the nation know who stands where on Andhra Pradesh Re-organization Bill as People of Telangana can not afford another betrayal for whatever reasons that may be from whosoever it may be.

Nation can not be taken to ransom by the Brazen #SeemandhraTerrorism and it must be defeated with ZERO tolerance, lest not forget it was done with due warnings from the MP’s.

Jai Telangana

Jai Andhra Pradesh

Jai Hind


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