Telangana Demands Congress and BJP to Walk the Talk – Now

As Prime Minister Reportedly is Scheduled to Make Statement on Telangana in Parliament today.

We the People of Telangana Expect and Demand Congress and BJP to Walk the Talk and Pass the Telangana Bill now without ifs and buts with same status as permitted in our Constitution to all the existing 28 states of India.

Whatever else , let the political parties put it in their Manifesto and go to people in both states and get their mandate and deliver.

Under no circumstances can there be any Constitutional Amendment be brought in at this stage and stay away from any such malicious idea to stall Telangana.

Telangana is Birth Right of the People of Telangana

Tyranny of Majority must come to an END and No reason on earth can every justify extending that even by a day.

No Force should have any issue in letting people of both states take charge of their destinies without dependency sooner than later.

Time for India to say

Jai Telangana

Jai Andhra Pradesh

Jai Hind



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