Telangana Political Time Lines since 1998 BJP Resolution

1998: BJP First National Party to pass resolution at Kakinada committing #Telangana with “1 Vote 2 State ” slogan
1999~2004 : BJP in NDA FAILED to DELIVER its Promise including in 2001 When the BJP Telangana MP Quit after Sri L K Advani Regretted to honor the commitment
2004 : Congress formed alliance with TRS Promised Telangana but not passed CWC Resolution
– Pranab Mukherjee committee did not conclude the process started in UPA -1
2008 : TDP Submitted unconditional commitment to Telangana Statehood
2009 : TDP formed alliance with TRS and fought elections
Habitual backstabber TDP backstabbed TRS & NDA in polls and NDA in Polls and Post polls
BJP contested against TDP and TRS alliance ZERO MP, 2 MLA seats in Telangana
2009 : Dec 9 UPA announced Telangana State formation process to commence in both houses of Parliament
2009 : Dec 23 Slows down for broader consultation
2010 : Sri Krishna Committee spends 100 crore tax payer money and Billions of dollars worth people effort to Submit a Report that High Court Judge called a shame on democracy

2012 : YSRCP the new party has said it does not oppose Telangana and asked Center to decide under Article 3 soon to end the lingering problem
2013 : Jul 30 Congress CWC Nullifies Second SRC for Telangana and Declares Telangana Last National Party to declare support and UPA endorses it

First Official U-turn by YSRCP and Unofficial U-turn by TDP over the #Telangana Statehood and speadhead Anti Telangana Agitation
2013 : Dec GoM concludes and Bill is sent to Assembly
2014 : Jan 30 Assembly returns to President
2014 : Feb Ball is in the Court of BJP and Parliament
Agni Pariksha and time for BJP to Walk the Talk and Redeem its FAILURE to deliver in 2001 than cook up excuses and play politics.

This Longest State Formation Process in the History of India that has taken Over 4 Years has to conclude successfully and end the “Tyranny of Majority

Jai Telangana, Jai Andhra, Jai Rayalaseema,  Jai Hind


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