BJP will not play Brutus

Endorse the Views KATTA-MEETHA (Sri Katta Shekar Reddy Garu)
Also Glad 2014 is going to have Telangana Agni Pariksha for BJP and Prime Ministerial Candidate Sri Narendra Modi
Considering we do not have direct elections, and there is no good culture and practice to subject the aspirants to Litmus Test..
Fortunately this time Telangana will do that for India

కట్టా మీఠా

Is it possible to convince the political parties, which change their stands frequently?

Is it possible to get the consensus of the parties, who behave against their declared stands?

Is it easy to get the approval of the parties, who ask nothing, listen nothing, but just oppose division?

Is it workable to bring the parties to the discussion table, who are blind and deaf to the happenings in and around Telangana all these years?

Can a majority region enjoying the fruits of the minority region, give approval to the division? Uttarpradesh has not occupied Uttarakhand, Madhya Pradesh never grabbed Chattishgarh, while Andhra region enjoyed every resource of Telangana.

If BJP joins with them, the burden of solving the problem will be on their head for generations.

If BJP becomes party to Seemandhra machinations on Telangana, it will lose the region forever and it will not get any returns from other…

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