Appeal to Prime Minister to Call All Party Meeting of Parliament to ascertain views before Feb 5, 2014

Now that President has extended the Deadline to Andhra Pradesh Assembly for expression of its Views from 23rd January to 30th of January and all Parties consultation and views are already in writing from the State.

As per the Constitution and Article 3 its only the Parliament that is supposed to make the final judgement.

It is only in the fitness of things that Govt of India, Home Minister invite All Political Parties in the Parliament to Express their Position and Suggestions based on the Draft Bill, signed by the President on Dec 5th and currently with the AP Assembly.

This parallel immediate action is necessary to both ascertain the views of all political parties in the center and take their views and suggestions on board before introducing the bill in Parliament.

Appeal to all Indians and Political Parties in the Parliament to  welcome Telangana #The29thState with no prejudice or discrimination.

Nahin Mange Kisi Ka Kuch

Na Chalega Chori 
Na Chalega Mazak 
Na Karte Mana Kisi Ko


Ao Jiyo Dilse


Hum Hai Hyderabadi

Hyderabad Hai Telangana Darti Dil
Telangana Hai Bharat  Ka Koshth

Hum Hai Hindustani 


Jai Hind


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