20 Blatant Bluffs Burnt in Bhogi of 2014

This Bogi Fire of Sankranthi 2014 in Telangana Will be remembered for


Burning Below Blatant Bluffs by the Seemandhra Bluff Media and Bluffmaster Politicians

  1. Racist Telugu Jati Card
  2. TDP Commitment to Telangana
  3. YSRCP Commitment to Telangana
  4. Tyranny of Majority
  5. Federalism Bluff
  6. Telangana is Demand of Unemployed Politicians
  7. Hyderabad is developed with Seemandhra Sweat (Tax Payer Money)
  8. Telangana People do not want Separate State
  9. Congress did not commit Telangana
  10. BJP will Backtrack on Telangana
  11. President will not agree to Telangana
  12. Article 371 D will stall Telangana
  13. Prior Resolution of Assembly is Mandatory
  14. MIM card to stall Telangana
  15. Rayala Telangana Trick
  16. Fake No Confidence Motion in Parliament
  17. Fake Resignations in Parliament
  18. Stalling of Parliament
  19. Telangana Statehood Leads to Demands Everywhere in India
  20. Hyderabad as Union Territory

Jai Hind


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