What Should BJP do in AP and Telangana?

There is lot of confusion inside and outside BJP about what it is supposed to do now since Congress finally decided to bite the Telangana Bullet on 30th July 2013 ahead of Narendra Modi Campaign Launch from Hyderabad on 11th August 2013

Let’s See what was the electoral Result of 2009 elections

AP Election Result 2009





Total Votes being 42 Million

BJP Polled 3% ie around 1.2 Million votes only and won 2 seats and 13 in 2nd and 3rd position all in Telangana

This actually is close to 5% Vote in Telangana and 1% in Seemandhra

  1. Congress is Vacating almost close to 15 to 20 Million Vote in Seemandhra in 2014
  2. TDP is loosing 3 million vote in Telangana
  3. If BJP Goes alone aggressively with Modi and attracts Good TDP leaders in Telangana into its fold and Good Congress Leaders into its fold and with Modi Jai Telangana, Jai Seemandhra slogan it ought to Raise its Vote Share into Double digits and make Good debut in both states

History of BJP Performance in AP

BJP Election Results history in AP






Kishan Reddy Performance as AP BJP President

Let’s see why Above is possible, examine what Kishan Reddy achieved by his active participation in Telangana Agitation and exposing TDP thoroughly for its Double Game

He could decimate even deposits and defeat TRS in 1 and Congress in 1 Bye Elections

Kishan Reddy Performance Since 2009 in Restoring LOST Glory of BJP in Telangana

After that he got Two TDP Politburo members into BJP and one of them is huge mass leader winnable MP from Mahaboobnagar

TDP is in precarious Situation, having to lose TELANGANA outright and in tough situation to defend its Telangana Supporting Resolution passed in 2008 that it stood by till date officially, with YSRCP having taken Anti Telangana Position officially inside and outside Assembly and Parliament.  TDP is desperation to ride on Modi Popularity to rescue itself is understandable.

BJP has 2 options

  1. To Go for Alliance after Telangana Bill is passed in the Parliament


  • To leverage TDP alliance to get own seats in Seemandhra
  • Try to convince people in Telangana BJP did only after Telangana State is formed


  • Will antagonize TRS in Telangana a likely 10+ Seat Party for Post poll to fill the likely shortfall for 272+
  • Will antagonize YCP in Seemandhra another likely 8 to 15 seats party for post poll to fill the likely shortfall for 272+
  • Will fail to maximize the Vote base to fill the political vacuum itself
  • Will lose the opportunity to be principal opposition in Telangana in 2014 then aim to Win in 2019 as the traditional BJP support in the region is like Karnataka and Vidarbha High for BJP

2. No Alliance 

To Go alone with some local tactical alliances and have post poll alliance with winners in both  


  • Will maximize the mileage in Telangana and fill the political vacuum in both sides Post Poll by keeping the door open for Winners from both States
  • Will maximize the Vote Share and building own base in both states
  • Assured of being number 2 party in Telangana after 2014 after TRS and ahead of Congress that is hardly forgiven for its sin of taking lifes of hundreds of youth and trauma for over 4 years since 9th December 2009 announcement


  • It’s own MP seats may be 1 or 2 less than Scenario 1

Hope Better sense prevails in BJP Leadership and it does not take the Bait of TDP for any Political mis-calculations and does not BREAK the trust any Indian will place in a national party of its stated commitment by its 1998 Political Resolution in Kakinada called “1 Vote 2 States” then its Private Resolution in Rajya Sabha for Telangana state and derail it in Parliament and or make any announcement of its alliance before the state is formed under any circumstance.

BJP had snatched defeat from the jaws of victory many a times, hence this concern as neither Telangana can afford nor India can afford another Betrayal.

Time for BJP to stick to the Principles and Commitments and play it with straight bat

Jai Telangana, Jai Andhra, Jai Rayalaseema

Jai Hind


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