Suggested Response to all Telangana MLA’s to the United AP Motion to be moved by CM

Suggestion to All Telangana MLA’s to reiterate and register following points in their response to the United AP Resolution to be moved by AP

As the representative of the people of Telangana, we Reject  Anti Telangana Resolution in disguise for following reasons

  • It is unconstitutional, as our allegiance is to Constitution of India and only Parliament is empowered on the matter of State Re-organization.
  • The resolution is Undemocratic as it stands for Tyranny of Majority Region over Minority Region.  Democracy is

Of the People By the People and For the Peopl

            It CAN NEVER be 

            Of the People of Entire State 
                   By the Govt of Majority Region and 
                        For the people of Majority Region

  • Telangana Does not take away any Indian’s rights, legal assets nor is willing to forego
  • Telangana State and Self Rule as part of Indian Union is Our Birth Right and Constitutional Right
  • Telangana Rejects  the idea of TELUGU Jati to be Racist of any Language
  • We are multi lingual country and state we are proud Indians with allegiance to constitution of India and refuse to be governed by Andhra and or Rayalaseema.
  • Telangana Rejects the Hegemony over our Asmita and Resolves to restore it take charge of our destiny without any dependence

Nahin Mange Kisi Ka Kuch

Na Chalega Chori 
Na Chalega Mazak 
Na Karte Mana Kisi Ko


Ao Jiyo Dilse


Hum Hai Hyderabadi Telangana

Hyderabad Hai Telangana Darti Dil

Hyderabad Sirf Hamara

Jai Hind

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