Appeal to Sri Narendra Modi & BJP to Say on AP Re-Organization Bill

After Sri Sardar Patel’s Decisive Action to Liberate Telangana as part of Integration of Hyderabad State with Union of India defeating Nizam’s Rajakar’s in 1948 Operation Polo.

Nehru’s Indian National Congress Party has done the mistake in 1956 of making the Pseudo Conditional merger of Telangana part of Hyderabad state much against the recommendation of State Re-organization committee.

It sadly took the nation 57 Years since, including the 6 years rule of BJP to correct this mistake. As is said, It is better late than never,  Since 1998, Kakinada Resolution by BJP of 1 vote, 2 states. BJP is fully committed to the clear and complete state of Telangana.

BJP views the following wrong steps by congress could have been avoided since the 9th December 2009 announcement the subsequent announcement on 23rd December and there after all actions were giving the false hope to the seemandhra people that matter will be delayed, deflected and diverted and the status-quo  will continue that Sri Krishna Committee too clearly said is not an option.

Now after all sorts of twists and turns, finally the bill has come to parliament and since there is no point in delaying this matter any further, BJP stands for following amendments in the bill and gives the assurance on all of these points if not accepted by Congress now, BJP will fulfill each one of them if voted back to power in the 2014 elections.

  1. Role of Governor : BJP considers this against the federal spirit of the constitution, and will demand Telangana State and its Capital Hyderabad be on par with all other States of India, with respect to the security concerns expressed, Central Govt is empowered to intervene should the need arise and will take the action based on the situation not entertain the prejudice by law
  2. Residual AP and its Capital City : The provision demanding to name the capital city in 45 days by experts is laughable as the Govt did not succeed till date !!
    BJP view is it will give 6 months time to Residual AP assembly after elections to express its views on the preference of the people is regarding
    – Statehood demand of Rayalaseema (including status of nellore district )                       – Capital City locations for Single or Two states along with the financial assistance           – Preferred locations for High Court(s) for the State(s)
  3. BJP demands political parties to present their clear agenda to people in the elections based on the results and taking the views of the assembly within 6 months however final decision will be by the Parliament as empowered by Article 3, by end of first year BJP will bring the required additional Act to the parliament by end of first year
  4. Water Front : BJP agrees on the mechanism for Krishna River due the fact that river and major dams are in the border of two states but disagrees, there is no merit to include Godavari river as the situation is like any other river and states. So BJP stand for excluding the River Godavari from Proposed Board
  5. Polavaram Project :  Supports as National Project and demands to transfer the submerged villages to Residual AP for quicker completion and make it part of the project to Compensate fully irrigated land under the same project with 1 Acre more than their current holdings (ie Even landless must get at least 1 acre irrigated land under polavaram)
  6. Fluorosis Water Problem & extreme conditions in parts of Nalgonda district and Completion of 30 Years old Srisailam Left Bank Canal (SLBC) Project with Central Assistance is the commitment of BJP to the most backward and fluorosis affected people of the region that should be considered as a National Shame,one of the testimony why the experiment of AP was an unfortunate failure.
  7. BJP will evaluate and chose One project on Godavari River including to link it with River Krishna within 1 Year as a National Project as part of BJP’s declared policy to integrate the River Network in India
  8. BJP also does not agree with 5 year period suggested for continuity of current education  arrangement in both states, it be amended to 1 year as education is a state subject and center can not trample on the states rights for 5 years.
  9. BJP Proposed to have Continued Integration at Telugu language level between both states and have the common landmarks such as the statues of legends at Tank Bund , in both state capitals and recommends to the continuity of Telugu University as one by both states appointed Vice Chancellors serving on rotation,
  10. Recommends both states have  one nominated MLC in the council of other state to represent and air the views and work for continuous unity at people level.

In short BJP commits to fix the shortcomings if not addressed now, promises to address them within one year if voted back to Power.

Jai Hind

BJP appeals to all the people of Seemandhra living anywhere in the world, India is with you, join India in happily welcoming Telangana state without any fear or prejudice, all of your fundamental rights are guaranteed by Constitution of India so too all your legal assets wherever they may be.

BJP appeals to the people of Telangana to maintain peace, brotherhood and telugu people relationships for generations to come

Wish both the states compete and become pride jewels of India


One thought on “Appeal to Sri Narendra Modi & BJP to Say on AP Re-Organization Bill

  1. Venkat Gandhi Post author

    Glad to note the Suggestion of 6 months to finalize the New Capital has found its place in the Final Act Part 1 Clause 6
    “6. The Central Government shall constitute an expert committee to study various
    alternatives regarding the new capital for the successor State of Andhra Pradesh and make
    appropriate recommendations in a period not exceeding six months from the date of enactment
    of the Andhra Pradesh Reorganisation Act, 2014.”

    Below Clauses Should Enable BJP to fulfill remaining suggestions

    94. (1) The Central Government shall take appropriate fiscal measures, including
    offer of tax incentives, to the successor States, to promote industrialisation and economic
    growth in both the States.
    (2) The Central Government shall support the programmes for the development of
    backward areas in the successor States, including expansion of physical and social

    Congratulate Congress, BJP and the institution of Parliament and Salute Constitution of India


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