Reflections of 2013 to Expectations of 2014

Year 2013 more than anything made me get into Public Space through Social Media and Other platforms as my conscience did not permit to keep silent of the Adharma (Against Natural Law) unabetted in my morther land Telangana specifically and India in General

On 31st January 2013 with my First Post on Face Book Solution AP Dilema 

By the independence day took to this Blog and Twitter too and since then

Wrote 96 Blog posts (55 of them on Telangana) some of them being Re-blogs of posts I liked Blog as of today has 4715 hits with 20 plus followers

Wrote 1700 plus tweets with 318 followers

Big Thanks to all Followers,  Readers of my Blogs and tweets and Friends on the FB

Enough to know effort from the land of raising sun has some takers on the cyber world and its great to have made connections with many admirable people and to have learnt a great deal too, acknowledge, appreciate and thank each one of my social media connect.

Here are my Expectations of 2014

  1. Time for people of Telangana to take charge of their destiny without any dependence –   Wish Telangana State Becomes Reality in Feb 2014
  2. Time to send the Congress lead Govt of India packing and send it back to drawing board by May 2014
  3. My Indian Dream Sri Narendra Modi to take Charge of India and end the decade of decay due to Adharma at heart of the Congress Leadership and its Pariwar Parties
  4. India uses the current crisis as an opportunity and unleashes the Bold New Reform that should set new Economy and Governance Model (Ex ; BJP PLANS TO ABOLISH INCOME TAX)
  5. India makes Solar Energy Leadership Initiative its Mission and make “India Energy Secured” de-risk from the high dependence on imported fuel supplies for it Energy needs
  6. New Telangana Chief Minister must do to fight Flurosis as given in my Post

    Thought on How Telangana Should Fight Fluorosis

  7. New Telangana Govt must decentralize the Growth and take Governance and Brave New Ideas closer the Rural People in Telangana and invite India’s best of business groups to invest in Hyderabad and Telangana to leverage as their Manufacturing and Logistics Hub for India
  8. India must Change the Current Farse of Right to Education Act (which conveniently let the choice left to parents, to run away from its inability to deliver)  into a Free and Compulsory Public Primary School System Across India till 5th standard to begin with and Bring all Private Schools too under Common System up to 5th standard and End the Diversity in Mind from the Childhood as is done by Design by India to-day.
    It should be extended to 7th standard and finally to 10th standard.
  9. After 10th Standard Govt should have very limited role in Education
  10. Re-organize Large States such as UP, Bihar and Maharastra and bring Government closer to people

Jai Hind


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