Time for Seemandhra and Indian to Say Happy Telangana

As the year 2013 dawns it is also bringing curtains down to the Tyranny of Majority that Telangana has been subjected to in last 57 years of its failed merger with the state of Andhra in 1956

Now, with all the tricks in the book used by Anti Telangana Leaders of Seamandhra since 9th December 2009 for four long years ….

I pray to the almighty that now the establishment of state in 2014 is unstoppable and the unnecessary and avoidable hatred is primarily coming out of the Aham that has set deep roots amongst many if not all from Seemandhra people with power and influence ..

Oh God please give them wisdom and bless them with courage and compassion to at least say
Happy Telangana and maintain healthy human relationships between all the people of both states and let them compete to be jewels of India for every to be proud of..

Jai Telangana
Jai Andhra
Jai Rayalaseema
Jai Hind


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