Curious Questions

They say Telugu Jati is divided
– Are Telugu speaking people of Telangana are not Telugus?
– Are the Telugu people living outside of AP divided?
– Are the non Telugu people in AP are not Indians? Why only Seemandhra Indians oppose Telangana ?

They say we do not oppose Telangana
– why not say we support Telangana ?
Why not say Jai Telangana or at least Happy Telangana ?

They say we need security
– Are you not having faith in law of the land and Indian judiciary ?
– Are you saying you are previlaged?
– Are you worried about your past illegal deeds ?

They say KCR is Bad
– Why not happily get rid of him and let people of Telangana bother about him

They say TDP Naidu and BJP Modi made for each other and Perfect Combo
– Why not merge TDP into BJP ?

They say Congress and YCP have deal
– Why not vote out both? If you know it?

They say Congress and TRS are in deal and will merge
– Why bother when its the choice people of Telangana have to make and live with their choice?

They say why so much hurry ?
– Excuse me, it’s the longest ever state creation process since India’s independence 4 years over since 9th Dec 2009, you forgot the date?

They say there is no constitutional provision for common capital
– Why not name the residual AP new capital?

They say federalism is in threat
– Why so ? When Andhra split did not State of hyderabad split into 3 did not and 28 states formed after Andhra and 13 more did not ?

We can go on ..
All that is clear is
We do not say what we mean
We say what we do not mean
Our Rule of Game and Argument is
Heads I Win, Tails You lose

Driven By
Intellectual Dishonesty
Intellectual Extremism
Love for the Hegemony over Hyderabad


5 thoughts on “Curious Questions

    1. Venkat Gandhi Post author

      Another way of not saying
      Jai Telangana or Happy Telangana
      Is the Seemandhra MP’s moving Anti Telangana motion in disguise as NCM and wasting 2 session and tearing bills in front of media and stalling assembly are the love shown by Seemandhra leaders to Telangana people
      Thank you for your definition of hatred Deepak Ji

    2. Venkat Gandhi Post author

      Deepak Ji
      Thanks for sharing another of way of not saying
      1. Support Telangana
      2. Jai Telangana
      3. Happy Telangana
      And suggesting that SA leaders presenting Anti Telangana Resolution as NCM in disguise and stalling nations parliament for 2 sessions and tearing Telangana bill by MLAs in front of media as the acts that show love of them to Telangana people and not their Aham and Hatred ..

      Thanks for your kind comment ..
      If you believe in these and defend actions of SA leaders , I have no argument to offer..

      Regarding KCR my simple answer is in post

  1. deepak

    @venkat gaaru,
    I never defended such things.i am NOT AT ALL AGAINST separate telangana.
    im only against the instigating statements given by people on both sides
    .however such provocations started by kcr on 21st October 2009 when,in siddipet he said the famous “jaagi telangana waale” and after that what he said everyone knows.if he hadn’t said that thing on that day,i can assure you we would have been living in two states by now

    1. Venkat Gandhi Post author

      Why not Say Jai Telangana or Happy Telangana

      Share to me the Video on youtube not the reports of BLUFF media that you believe he said that is not constitutionally valid.

      If you trust BLUFF media reports its your choice and problem

      Jai Telangana, Jai Andhra, Jai Rayalaseema

      I am fairly sure Andhra and Rayalaseema can not co-exist for even 10 years


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