Rule of Seemandhra Game “Heads I Win, Tails You Lose”

Our Politicians and some self-proclaimed intellectuals from Andhra and Rayala Seema have been playing this Game since 9th Dec 2009 announcement of Govt of India initiating the process to create #The29thState  #Telangana

Some Samples of how this Game has been played out for over 4 years since..

Telangana is Developed (include Hyderabad as part of Telangana)

Telangana is Seperate State- No No Hyderabad is Ours (too)


We want to have common capital in Hyderabad for our state

Unconstitutional to have Common Capital


We are Not against Telangana

We never said we support Telangana (Err)..


We are against Division, We are integrationist

We want to divide Hyderabad in disguise of sharing it


We want Govt of India to respect Federalism

We want Hyderabad to be made as Union Territory.


Debate is essence of democracy

Delay, Divert, Defame, Drag and Bring down the own Govt


We Vote parties that promised Telangana

We do not expect them to deliver it


We are Integrationist

We support Rayala Telangana Division


Democracy means Majority

We do not respect Majority of Parliament


Don’t divide Telugu Jati

We mean people of Telangana are not Telugus


Expression of View is through Voting

We are for Tyranny of Majority


My message to all of them that’s not a rule of  a Fair Game, Its #MatchFixing

“Any human being has a fundamental right to fight for their rights, but that (own right) can not include anything that is fundamentally trying to deny others what is their fundamental right.

The root of Tyranny of Majority that Telangana is witnessing in India since 1956 and is expected to end in early 2014”

― Venkat Gandhi

If you have made Telangana your Karma Bhoomi, Be a Proud Telangana Indian

If you love and wish to make Telagana your Karma Bhoomi, go ahead and be one

Neither Telangana State or its people can ever take any Constitutional right of you nor a legal asset of you, Have trust in Constitution and courage not fear in yourself
Stop #MatchFixing #Bluffgames and Kick those #Bluffmasters to fight for real issues and needs for the residual state, and take them to task as to why they do not yet decide on the New Capital City?

Jai Telangana, Jai AP, Jai Hind


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