Telangana is now the Responsibility of Modi and BJP before Elections

My Indian Dream  Sri Narendra Modi Ji

Within Hrs of UPA allies endorsing Telangana Statehood and CWC Resolution nullifying its earlier stand and declaration of Congress Support for Telangana including Hyderabad on July 30, 2013 , Your First Public Statement on the subject was through below blog, while welcoming Telangana you had raised some valid questions to congress party

Its 135 Days since then and we believe a lot of those questions have been answered reasonably well to the best of the abilities under the prevailing circumstances, particularly since the nature of the problem included elements of Hegemony and Tyranny of Majority in a Parliamentary democracy,  by the Delhi Darbar that is otherwise more popular for its misdeeds.

On Aug 11, you were the first politician that had the courage to stand in Hyderabad and say and get it said by Lakhs of people inside LB Stadium Jai Telangana and Jai Seemandhra  same time.

However, What has not been lost Sight by the people of Telangana is the people you chose to meet in private..
And the below pictures of yesterday @ Bhopal, that otherwise should have been the time for celebrating the victory of people of Madhya Pradesh and their beloved Chief Minister Sri Shivaraj Singh Chouhan, seems to have become platform of BJP-TDP Politics.
Naidu @ Chauhan Swearing in Ceremony -1 Naidu @ Chauhan Swearing in Ceremony -2 Naidu @ Chauhan Swearing in Ceremony -3 Naidu @ Chauhan Swearing in Ceremony -4
What I can say how people of Telangana See Mr Naidu and BJP Relationship is best Summarized in this picture.
Naidu - BJP Relationship
People of Telangana do understand Residual AP state will have 25 MP seats and its complete and absolute prerogative of BJP as to how it goes about its alliances and political strategy. Largely people in Telangana have no issues with that.
Below are Historical Facts that Telangana Reminds Mr Narendra Modi and BJP:
1. First National Party to commit Telangana is BJP with its 1 vote 2 states resolution in Kakinada in 1998
2. First National party that failed to deliver Telangana in its 6 years of rule is BJP (Its official position is, it is due to TDP (for people of Telangana its Telangana Drohi Party)
– BJP neither delivered the state in 2001 along with the 3 new states not made any effort till 2004 when its in power.
3. Congress failed to deliver in its first terms in 2004~2009 but it did put in CMP and Presidential Address to Parliament and had initiated something
4. TDP Back stabbed Telangana once again in 9th Dec 2009 night with its dubious role and is prime culprit for the death of hundreds of youth and immeasurable agony, loss of productive time to the 3.5 crore people in Telangana for last 4 Years
Now that Anti Telangana Resolution in disguise as NCM comes up in Lok Sabha to-day and the Presidential Reference of Telangana Draft Bill has already come to AP State Assembly.
Since BJP and TDP are hand in gloves
Telangana Statehood as Promised by both BJP and Congress and as drafted in the Bill must get complete its course before elections.Since Sri Narendra Modi Ji is the only declared Prime Ministerial Candidate for 2014 elections.
The onus of making Telangana State happen is more with Sri Narendra Modi Ji.
Yes its the Agni Pariksha,  it will test you, if you lead BJP to side with Tyranny of Majority (25 MP seats) or the deprived minority Telangana (17 MP) seats of its constitutional and democratic right to shape its own destiny without any dependence.
Anything short BJP will be held accountable by the people of Telangana for its Failure to
Walk the Talk

Nahin Mange Kisi Ka Kuch

Na Chalega Chori 
Na Chalega Mazak 
Na Karte Mana Kisi Ko

Ao Jiyo Dilse

Hum Hai Hyderabadi

Hyderabad Hai Telangana Darti Dil
Telangana Hai Bharat  Ka Koshth

Hum Hai Hindustani

Jai Hind

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