What 2013 means to 2014?

Good Post..
For BJP, Best to leave AAP carry on its national ambition and divide the congress vote that is averse to BJP..
BJP has few lessons to learn for its Top Urban Seats may be around 50 of them across India perhaps..Its approach has to change there..
Other Messages that I could decipher from 2012 and 2013 state elections across India is here..

Five Forty Three

The four states that gave a verdict on Sunday could not have been clearer, but we can continue to obfuscate and try to mold the verdicts as per our own whims and fancies. For the media in Delhi and the intellectual elite it is the arrival of AAP that defines the victory which only goes on to show how shallow Delhi is, for it cannot see an India beyond the national capital. For the BJP supporters it is the ultimate wave in their favor, but they tend to forget that these states were essentially their strongholds and bipolar in nature. For the Congress, well, it continues to live in denial, at least publicly.

The result of this round of assembly polls may mean different things to different people, but what actual impact will it have on 2014? That is the question we will try and answer from a neutral perspective…

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