Time to Move on for all from AP

Dear Friends

Living anywhere in the world and being from Andhra, Rayalaseema, Telangana

I am no supporter of Congress and their Govt in Center or State and will not forgive for their sins and terrible overall performance in last few years that has caused havoc.

Even while some of the ways and timing and tactics adopted since 9th Dec 2009 by both party and both governments  is very much questionable, in the end what matters is whats the final Verdict, whats the final content of the legislation that is now entering the final constitutional process.

Lets not forget a Wrong bill emerging from right steps like (Fake #RTE Right to Education Fake #FSB Food Security Bill ) is Worst than a Right bill from wrong steps..

Looking into the details of Cabinet Note, approved by Union Cabinet and sent to President along with the AP State Re-organizationn bill.

My personal take is, this bill is one of the best this Govt ever came up with next only to RTI :

But for few points difficult to explain constitutionally to my knowledge GoM has done best possible solution that is as much reasonable as one could possible expect from a responsible Central Govt..

I am of the view the Parliament in its wisdom will now correct whatever aberrations if any are left in the bill..

Appeal to all to continue with our life and make respective development plans of both states..

Have continued love for your Motherland (Janmabhoomi) and Respect to Lifeland (Karmabhoomi)

No amount of Money can ever buy even 1 sec of time you just waste, rest of India and world is not wasting any of their time and are moving ahead not going to take any pause for you..

Dear friends in Hyderabad and Teangana Just give time and space for the fellow Indians of Andhra and Rayalaseema to cool down just stay alert to not let any untoward activity happen in Hyderabad..

Don’t get surprised if AP govt falls soon..
Not going to make difference to the content of the decision… just the matter of time..

Time to say

Jai Telangana
Jai AP
Jai Hind

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