Tax Payers Money in VIZAG & Hyderabad since 1956 merger

There is a serious conspiracy by the vested interest of cronie capitalists who made their personal fortune through dubious means in Hyderabad in last few decades to influence the leadership of Congress and BJP in Delhi to take some powers of Government of Telangana away over Hyderabad.

One of the argument is entire development has happened in Hyderabad since the formation of AP in 1956.

Even few hours of honest effort tells you the facts are otherwise.

One must first recognize that one can only attribute to the State or Central Governments what comes out of Tax Payers money.  That is where these Governments have Invested Tax Payer Money in Developmental Projects.

Taking few Sample Mega Projects that came into existence since 1956 state formation.


1. Vizag Steel Plant of RINL   Capital Investment is Rs 7,827  and Total Investment till date is in excess of Rs 25,000 crores

2.  HPCL is expanding the Viśakh Refinery from 7.5 to 15 MT with an investment of INR130 billion (US$2 billion).

3. NTPC-Simhadri is expanding from 1,000 to 2,000 MW at a cost of INR50 billion (US$765 million),

4. The Visakhapatnam Port is expanding (at a cost of INR30 billion (US$459 million)) to increase its capacity to 80 MT per year.

Other Major Public Sector undertakings that run based on Tax payers money are

  • Hindustan Ship Yard
  • Bharat Heavy Plate and Vessels Limited (BHPV)

All these have taken the City from nowhere much behind Vijayawada in 1956 to India’s Leading City to the Position of 17th as per census 2011

It has also maintained the highest Per Capita Income district in AP and also its “Annual Gross District Domestic Product” has been same or ahead of Hyderabad District.

Tale of Two Cities

Annual Gross District Domestic Product
(Rs Crores)
Year           Vishakapatnam   Hyderabad
1993-94      3,287                  2,998
1998-99       7,894                 6,244
2004-05     18,192               15,398
2007-08     24,837               25,271


In contrast What both Govt of India and Govt of AP did to Hyderabad with Tax Payers money?

1. IDPL sent to BIFR and helped Private Bulk Drug Manufacturers flourish

2. Allwyn and its multiple businesses wound up

3. Nizam Sugar Factories Sold off

4. Public Properties Sold to Generate Money

There is not a single Project other than the Defense Related Laboratories in Hyderabad where Tax Payer Money in excess of Rs 1000 crore has been spent.

On the contrary Govt has sold of the Hyderabad lands to generate cash for funding projects across the state.

Worst is even the Good Infrastructure that Hyderabad had before 1956 has not been maintained to keep pace with modern time and growth of the city as a result except the places where the Haves (Cronie Capitalists) have made their base in Western part of City Rest of the City is CRUMBLING badly.

Urge Telangana Print & Electronic Media and the friends in Social Media to spread the facts to counter the Conspiracy on Hyderabad by the vested interests


6 thoughts on “Tax Payers Money in VIZAG & Hyderabad since 1956 merger

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  3. Vishal Dutt

    You happily compare central govt ventures in one area with state govt ventures in another.

    And what do you mean by tax payers money? Do you know how Vizag Steel is raising funds for expansion? How HPCL is funding its own expansion plans? Read their annual reports for some enlightenment.

    if you had taken care to do proper research, you would have known how state ventures in Andhra region are even worse condtion than Telangana. But of course you choose not to. Your objective is to demonize Andhra in any way possible.

    1. Venkat Gandhi Post author

      Ofcourse the Govt money is Tax Payer money whether its Center or State..
      Ofcourse the funds I reported are from the project financials ..
      In India Taxes we pay Go to both Center and State

      My intent is to Expose the Bluff that Govts Developed Hyderabad not Seemandhra
      Its opposite.
      Govt has spent more money in Seemandhra
      Hyederabad Was Indias Jewel and its recent Growth is due to Private Sector that has global and indian investors like any other metro city in India.
      Hyderabad and Telangana has been cash cow to sell off the Public Sector, Convert the Govt lands for Cronie capitalism and push Telangana into backwardsness
      does not mean there is no backwardness, the point of post is limited to Expose the Bluff as stated

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