December 2013 Month of Reckoning for Hyderabad Telangana India

December 2013 Promises to be Landmark month for Future of India
Some of the Big Landmarks to happen this month
1. Union Cabinet to decide on Hyderabad Status and Telangana Statehood details
2. Elections Results of 5 states with 4 of them being large and direct fight between the National Parties
3. First indication of whether Modi is able to translate wave into votes and whether he can win Delhi for BJP to be known in Dec 8
4. Winter session of Parliament may be the last that can conclude Telangana statehood process any other significant legislative business
5. AP Govt is expected to fall right after the assembly debates Telangana or after expected passage of the bill in parliament where both Congress and BJP will have to pass the agniparkisha of constitutional process vs Votebank politics with high-handed propaganda and baits of MP seats to both parties

Promises to be an Eventful Month that should become a landmark month in the history of 21st century India


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