Deeksha Diwas – What KCR Means to Telangana


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What KCR means to Telangana in my words is :

1. He fought for justice from within as a true democrat all through his public life in direct political process.
(not resorted to shortcuts as some NGO turned politico’s attempt to-day)
– Joined NTR’s TDP for alternate better governance for the state and justice for Telangana and has played his role in getting GO 610 from NTR for Telangana ..

2. He fought for justice from within CBN’s TDP but has realized unlike NTR’s TDP, CBN’s TDP was quite different from outside and within beyond the bearable levels in public life unlike NTR who was fair at heart and had same love to any Telugu person no matter even if the person is hard-core congressmen..

3. When the implementation of GO 610 was under wraps by any means, he was more than convinced, CBN and his party has taken Telangana for granted and the Tyranny of Majority is being fueled further and had hit the wall. He then had guts and conviction to believe in himself and more so in the noble cause he chose to set to dedicate himself for
4. I am not aware of anyone in independent India other than Sri Anna Hazare and Sri Kanshi Ram who did something similar of choosing a noble cause and dedicating their life for it with conviction.

5. Expectedly he had roller coaster ride ever since he launched TRS in 2001 and has given political Arrow to Acharya of Telangana Movement Prof Jayashankar Ideology for Telangana Statehood Fight.

6. Prof Jayashankar and KCR has Really taken the Basics of Why Telangana to the Grass roots level with democratic, peaceful political process that hit the Delhi Darbar with his Deeksha Diwas on 29th Nov 2009

7. What happened after 9th Dec 2009 has actually PROVEN Almost Every Aspect that Prof Jayashankar and KCR analyzed and built the case in a very comprehensive way.
To me they essentially proved, unlike 1969 that was about a specific issue of mulki rules, KCR and Prof Jayashanker proved with all evidence why TELANGANA is a Must for the Good for Indian Democracy as what Played out ever since 1956 conditional merger was and is till this moment

Tyranny of Majority that’s Anti Democratic to defeats the Fundamental Definition of Democracy as stated by Lincoln
Of the People, By the People, and For the People
has become in AP since 1956
Of the people of AP By the Govt of AP for the Cronies among People of Seemandhra

I say this to all Seemandhra people with conviction that I found almost 90 % of ill that you attribute to KCR, source is not KCR but your own media and your own leaders and people with vested interest saying and attributing it as what KCR said by  selective amnesia or completely cooked up, remaining 10% that you attribute to him is actually correct and he is democratically and constitutionally right, unfortunately for you the root is what you have come to believe
– Language ever defines a Jati – Sorry its not for you to decide its for all those who speak it to feel and say
– Self Righteousness (innumerable points so not getting into it)
– Superiority Complex (tone and tenor on top of contents of what is said)
– What you have now is your Right
Sorry only what is due to you and what is legally yours belongs to you and is your right,
what you have that is not due to you nor is legal is NEVER EVER going to be your Right no matter how hard you try.

I also wish to state this to very highly intellectual (self-proclaimed) Seemandhra people who strongly believe KCR has promoted his family and business through Telangana agitation and TRS is a Family party much like Congress, TDP, SP, BSP, DMK

Firstly its too early to come to such conclusion

Secondly Harish and KTR have clearly demonstrated their abilities commitment and dedication to serve the cause and the people same time in a way that I have not seen any seemandhra political people do for their own region if not for the entire state..importantly the way Harish handles the matter in locally in Telugu and KTR in English has been far better than any other leader fighting for Telangana across the political spectrum

Thirdly, it is absolute democratic right of people of Telangana to judge them and not the right of others

If Seemandhra people do not like KCR, his family, TRS and we the people of Telangana and you think all this is a problem and burden, its more than good enough reason and opportunity for you to be happily supporting the State Re-organization of this Failed Merger Experiment and reduce your Problem and spend your energy on solving your own problem and achieve development.

What KCR and entire Telangana movement succeeded is sticking to constitutionally valid points and not making any wishful thinking and demands.
This helped expose mischief in large part of Seemandhra arguments and has simply proven the bottom line of what Seemandhra leaders argued was and is

“Heads I win Tails You Lose”

Examples :
Heads : Telangana is developed (include Hyderabad)
Tails : Telangana is Given then Hyderabad is Ours

Heads : TRS hence Telanagans did not Win Elections in 2004 and 2009 so Telangana statehood is not having popular support in Telangana
Tails : CPM only United Andhra Totally defeated in both regions ! Congress & TDP that joined hands with TRS sweep SA !

I wrote to Seemandhra people on this day too because both states are permanent neighbors and as people we are all same, any wrong in anyone’s mind is not going to be good for any one.

Appeal to all simply go back to 1956 merger and importantly Residual AP should not waste even a day to name their capital and move fast, world does not wait for any of us, march is on, better join sooner..

With this

KCR Gariki Deekhsa Diwas Nadu
Manaspurti Vandanalato
Naa Janma Bhoomi Telangana Ashaya Siddhi Ki
Toti Prayatnamuto Pratistunna
Naa Karma Bhoomi Poddu Podupu Desham Nunchi

Jay Telangana
Jay Andhra
Jay Rayalaseema
Jay Hind


4 thoughts on “Deeksha Diwas – What KCR Means to Telangana

  1. shravan

    True. It is clearly visible by the approach of honorable CM running the govt. 5 years of his golden rule will lay the foundations for strong future Telangana.

  2. Wolfgang

    I’m pretty pleased to uncover this web site. I need to to thank you for your time
    for this particularly fantastic read!! I definitely savored every
    part of it and I have you bookmarked to see new things in your website.


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