Janma Bhoomi vs Karma Bhoomi

As the Govt of India is in final stages of deciding the status of Hyderabad as part of Telangana State Formation Bill to be passed by the cabinet.

I have been thinking whats the important thing the decision makers have to keep in mind and guided by and give the strong message to the ongoing Anti Telangana activities of certain sections of Seemandhra under disguise of innumerable hollow arguments and emotional appeals..

I would define

Janma Bhoomi – Mother Land

Place or a Region of Birth or the origins of the family that they identify themselves with and the place or region itself has identity that it distinguishes itself from others by its choice.

Karma Bhoomi – Land of Residence

Place where the person is living for considerable period and making his/her earnings to support self and dependent family.

In my view following are expected by people

Love and affection towards Janma Bhoomi as much one loves the Mother

Respect and Debt to the Karma Bhoomi and the native people of Karma Bhoomi

These I believe are universal and the human and world history teaches us, whether the attempts to colonize, wage wars the extreme forms of Hegemony and many other soft forms meet the natural resistance and when the hegemony continues it eventually is destined to be defeated, its just matter of time.

Hegemony is Mortal,

Love & Respect are Immortal

So friends of Telangana and Seemandhra  pursue the immortal values.

Hyderabad is the immortal choice of Mother Earth that it is in the center of Telangana.

Longest Sea Coast of any state in India with Residual AP is also the immortal choice of Mother Earth

Just Accept both realities, then Love and Respect both of them and make good living in both states of AP and Telangana

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