What Seemandhra Says, Means and a Wish !

Having graduated from Sri Venkateshwara College of Engineering have had first hand experience of the people and state of affairs in rayalaseema and south coastal andhra.

I must say, got quite surprised and concerned that not just political leadership has failed but otherwise normal intellectuals are found wanting to see the affairs of State Re-organization with a balanced perspective and come out and say so with conviction.

This is a small attempt even if it fails to make any difference to even one of the fellow Indians of Andhra and Rayalaseema regions..

I will highlight as:

What is Said (very loudly with force and all the might at their disposal)

What it means for a rational and informed mind with full background of the situation and

Wish it was  as per my thought

United we stand, divided we fall

Unity is an expression to be felt by both with gains to both not one side.  When only one Seemandhra people say,  It simply means  for the Telangana people, We oppose Telangana and are doing it in disguise of Unity, Its unfair and  implies the  undue gains to seemandhra out of the forced unity experiment was quite real.

It is an Idiom that is more relevant for India and India represents Unity in Diversity.

I wish Seemandhra People said Lets “Excel as Telugu States and be United as Telugu People”

Telugu Jati or Telugu Talli is Hurt

It means Only Seemandhra people are Telugu Jati not people of Telangana

Wish  Seemandhra people said Telugu Jati has grown and long live Telugu States and together we demand center to consider giving option to the Telugu majority speaking areas of Tamilnadu, Karnataka, Orissa to be merged as part of Re-organization with the concerned Telugu state and similarly if former Hyderabad State districts if they wish to join the state of Telangana

Equal Justice

It means, We will consider anything that I enjoy to-day that is due or undue as our right and unless same is guaranteed to me, its injustice to us.  Totally false premise, there is no equal justice concept in state re-organization, State Re-organization is administrative and governance matter only no constitutional rights or legal assets of  any Indian citizen get affected, its a process where it deals with what is due to which state as per norms and constitutional rights.

I wish Seemandhra people said let there by higher mutual reciprocal commitments between both states that suggested mutual quota in educational institutes between both states and reciprocal arrangement of Water and Port access, Coal and Electricity between both states that would have been true spirit or reciprocity on equal footing.

Hyderabad is of All Telugu People

It means non Telugu people in Hyderabad are not Hyderabadi’s and Seemandhra people consider themselves to be special and privileged citizens of Hyderabad

I wish Seemandhra people proposed Hyderabad as Telugu Culture Capital with landmarks of :

                      1. Telugu Talli Statue

                      2. Telugu University

                      3. Telugu Mahashaya Varadhi (Tank Bund)

                      4. Telugu Lalitha Kala Toranam

Concerns on Security of Seemandhra People in Hyderabad or Telangana

It means Superiority Complex at minimum & Guilt of unreasonable and illegitimate acts and outright insult to all Indians living in Hyderabad and Telangana

I wish Seemandhra people vouched for the secure co-existence of Telugu & and non Telugu people before 1956, since 1956 and will be so ever after and the geographical boundaries are matter of administration within FREE India 

There are a lot of rants and innumerable baseless, irrational, emotional arguments that are high on rhetoric and hollow on substance and rationality, so chose to highlight just a few basic ones, that I have not heard even from the best of so called intellectuals from Seemandhra, some of whom I had high respects too, are found completely wanting when it mattered most.

I must register my regard and admiration to Ms K. Sajaya Garu  who also runs an organization called Caring Citizens’ Collective. She stands out in her most balanced views and raising the fair and logical points during the debate, I am sure there are many more and I wish they come out sooner for the good of all.

Sharing what I heard very first time I heard she speaking this live soon after the key political decision announced by UPA and Congress http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=NfgaOWcv4D0

Jai Hind


2 thoughts on “What Seemandhra Says, Means and a Wish !

  1. deepak

    I cant say about other but in my opinion equal justice would means that “‘central government should give funds to build new capital and develop industries,software companies,etc in seemandhra on par with Hyderabad.also address the concerns of seemandhra people in respect of water allocation,electricity,etc”
    regarding safety of seemandhra people,it is because of the statements given by telangana leaders only in the past.”naalukalu cheeresthaam”, “thalalu narikesthaam”, “sankanthiki intiki vellina vallaani thirigi raanivvam”, etc.

    1. Venkat Gandhi Post author

      1. There is no right that you gained or going to lose as India for living in Hyderabad
      2. Capital will be created as mentioned in the bill, make the case for required central funds and force your BLUFF leaders to argue in the assembly
      3. Other issues are also addressed, debate them in assembly and then in parliament than play BLUFF games
      4. All you said is more in your BLUFF media
      Any Emotional agitation will have Emotional Outbursts, wisdom lies in seeing them as such no more..


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