10 Question to Govt of India on Telangana Darti Dil Hyderabad

In view of very disturbing recommendations by the Congress Party eminent Leader and India’s Defense Minister Mr A K Antony to the Group of Ministers of Govt of India lead by himself.. sample of which from sources coming out in media is given below

“Because of the provocative statements made by TRS leaders, there has been a great amount and nervousness among the people of Seemandhra who have acquired property and set up business in Hyderabad. The Committee strongly recommend that adequate provisions should be provided in the draft bill which instills confidence among the Seemandhra people who have set up business and acquired property in Hyderabad. The bill should have a provision to ensure that Govt of Telangana does not pass a bill to acquire property and business with retrospective effect.”

Raising below TEN fundamental questions to the Government of India regarding Telangana Darti Dil Hyderabad

1. Is Govt of India going to create #The29thState Telangana with DISTRUST?

2. Is Govt of India not confident of Rule of law and Judiciary and its own powers under constitution, should something wrong happen?

3. What provision of Constitution allows Govt of India to divide people of Hyderabad into two sides by design through an act of parliament?

4. How can any Government take side with those who are better off than those who are deprived?

5. What sort of natural justice does the Govt see in these recommendations?

6. What has Government of India learnt from the peaceful co-existence of the millions of people associated with oppressive Razakar regime in Hyderabad.

7. What right any Indian should have to express prejudice on fellow Indians to their safety and security anywhere in India and that is being recommended to be endorsed by Government of India through an act of Parliament?

8. What sort of precedent these recommendations will set for the future of Indian federalism?

9. Is Govt of India going to create criteria to define who is from Seemandhra in Hyderbad and issue them a special ID card?

10. Does constitution of India empowers Govt of India to Legalize illegal acts of past by anyone in Hyderabad by passing act based on mere nervousness expressed by some Indians?

Say No To Language Chauvinism

Say No To Tyranny of Majority

Our Jati is Bharat

Our Religion is INDIA

Our Holy Book is Constitution of India

“Hyderabad is Heart of Telangana by the Choice of Immortal Mother Earth and No Mortal Can Change it”

Jai Telangana, Jai AP, Jai Hind


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