Hyderabad an Agni Pariksha

Indian Parliament will witness the Agni Pariksha of Hyderabad for the Second time since India’s Independence this year. First was passed by Sardar Patel and Indian Army Rejecting the deal negotiated between Nizam and Nehru

On the day of Bapu’s birth day this year I posted below appeal :

Solution to the Dilemma of AP – Bapu, Please Guide Govt of India

Thankfully the following day “The Cabinet has given its approval for the creation of a new state of Telangana” Home Minister Sushilkumar Shinde told reporters after the meeting that lasted more than two hours.

The catch is in what he also said “it was decided that Hyderabad will be the common capital of the two bifurcated states for 10 years. After the creation of the new state, the security and guarantees including fundamental rights of the people of coastal Andhra, Rayalaseema and Telangana will be ensured

This has been included as TOR ( Term of Reference) – 2.  Look into the legal and administrative measures required to ensure that both the state governments can function efficiently from Hyderabad as the common capital for 10 years.

Now as has been suspected that there is much more to this than what meets the eye and what seem to have transpired at the congress core committee has raised the below challenges to the Indian Constitution and democracy and federal structure of India, essentially there seem to be an attempt to override or undermine below as regards Hyderabad :

Hence, I call this as Agni Pariksha for the Parliament  & Indian Constitution, Democracy and Federal Strure of Republic of India

1. Other than J&K & Union Territories all states in India have same constitutional, financial and administrative framework

2. In the matters of Law & Order all Indians residing in any part of the state or equal with no prejudice.

3. States Government Constitutional rights to review correctness and compliance of past undertakings is not restrained by any act of Parliament.

4. Choice of capital city is within its geographical boundary of all states.

5. No State ever shares its geography with another state without any geographical contiguity, more so no constitutional basis to divert its revenues to other state on recurring basis.

6. No state ever has been forced to surrender part of its rights to Governor, Center or other state except when it is brought under Article 356

This time appealing to Bharat Mata to give the wisdom to the Government and Parliament and the Leadership of the Country ruling and opposition not to circumvent and hatch conspiracies, instead take right lessons from the experience of state re-organizations and let Telangana Darti Dil Hyderabad be not turned into a bait to handle the powerful forces forgetting all of them are mortals and immortal is Darti and its her choice that Hyderabad is Dil of Telanaga respect it.

Jai Hind


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