Myth on Hyderabad Revenues

Time for Cronie Capitalist & GOEBBELS to Reflect what kind of Conspiracy they hatched on Hyderabad .

History will not forgive you for the conspiracies, Misleading the innocent Seemandhra People and Ordinary Indians through your extra reach in cyberspace along with influence and control on National and Local MSM (Main Stream Media)

According to reports from Delhi, a note that was circulated by the Union finance ministry after getting inputs from the state finance department states that

State’s total revenue of    Rs 1,27,866 crore in 2012-13.

The break-up is as follows:

Hyderabad                             Rs 20,022 crore

Telangana (other than Hyd)   Rs 41,391 crore

Rayala-seema                        Rs 18,215 crore

Andhra                                    Rs 47,937 crore

So It  Revenue Split of Rs 1,27,866 Crore is

Telanagana       Rs 61,413 Crores

AP (Residual)   Rs 66,156 Crores

Time to get on with Life and whole heartedly welcome the arrival of India’s 29th State Telangana

God will take care of all the Conspirators and Corrupt Cronies..

Dharmo Rakshati Rakshitah  

Righteousness Prevails


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