Myths on Hyderabad

It is painful to see a very disturbing false alarm created in the minds of millions of fellow Indians from Seemandhra about Hyderabad to which I find National Media and the so-called Intellectuals alike are significantly responsible.  This post is a small attempt to put the bare facts to enlighten people and set aside the false alarm.

Borrowing significantly from the text of Mr G.Mohan Rao’s (Advocate, Hyderabad) letter to GoM on Telangana


  1. In the name of bogey of security and safety of Seemandhra people and their properties in Hyderabad post bifurcation of the state, a demand is made to retain the law and order subject with Central Administration.
  2. Hyderabad is home to people from all over India belonging to all religions. No other group had ever had any apprehension about their safety and security in Hyderabad. Then why the people of Seemandhra are raising such a bogey? It appears to be, to belittle Telangana people and disrespect to their peaceful co-existence for 57 years in spite of suffering the “Tyranny of Majority” , it defies any logic as to why the people who while suffering did not cause any law and order problem to people from seemandhra or from anywhere in the world would do so when they have nothing to complain after Telangana state.
  3. When Andhra was separated from Madras in 1953, no such demand is made in spite of large telugu population in Madras. The telugus in Madras had never faced any problem of safety and security in Madras state post bifurcation. Encouraging such demands and taking state subject into centre hands is not in national interest and it lays a bad precedent leading to such demands in future elsewhere in India.
  4. Without law and order in the hands of Telangana Government in their capital, the Telangana people will feel humiliated and Government and political leadership will be looked down. It will leave a feeling of hurt in the hearts of Telangana people.
  5. The same will also cast serious doubts on the efficacy of the Constitutional Provisions which guarantee equality, freedom of speech, assembly, free movement, property and right to life to all citizens in India. Can we not trust Government with safety and security of a section of people? If such a situation arises that day will be saddest day in the history of India.
  6. All Indian citizens must be Equal before the law, there shall never be any special status given to people of Seemandhra for whatever their apprehensions may be, it will be against the very fundamental right to equality enshrined in Constitution of India.


  1. A strange argument is made demanding share in the revenue generated in Hyderabad city in Telangana state post bifurcation. For considering the said demand the revenue from neighbouring Ranga Reddy district is also included in Hyderabad revenue.
  2. For justifying the demand the revenue from Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy is taken viz the rest of districts in the state.
  3. To analyse the demand let us identify the major revenue earning departments of the state government and they are:

Stamps and Registration

The revenue is generated by this department from the registration of immovable property documents. The documents are registered in the registration office within whose jurisdiction the immovable property is located. The question of sharing the revenue from this department with future Andhra Government doesn’t arise as the same is location-based revenue.


The Excise revenue is earned from the licence fee and the licence fee is paid based on the location of the selling units. Liquor shops, bars, distilleries and wineries. Since it is based on sale in particular geographical location, there is no justification for demand on this revenue from Hyderabad

Motor Vehicles

The revenue is earned from the registration of the vehicles and vehicles permits. The registration is made at the registration offices based on the residence of the owner of the vehicles and the permits are issued for operating within the jurisdiction of the office or interstate permits. The demand on this revenue is also not justified from any angle.

Commercial Taxes

The revenue is earned by this department on the point of sale. Therefore no justification for sharing revenue from this department. However what is being pointed out the sale offices of several consumer durables companies, big contractors and Andhra Pradesh Beverages Corporation Limited is located in Hyderabad and Ranga Reddy and they pay commercial Tax in Hyderabad even though the goods are sold Andhra Region.

What is not seen is that once the state is bifurcated, the companies and  contractors etc will have separate offices for sales in the residuary state of Andhra Pradesh and the revenue will go to them for sale in their area. Further for sale in Andhra Region even if invoice is raised from Hyderabad post bifurcation no commercial tax can be collected and paid in Telangana State as there is no sale here and the sale becomes interstate sale and the revenue will go to Andhra State only.

From the above it is clear that there is no justification what so ever to demand share in Hyderabad revenues post bifurcation. Unlike Andhra region, there are no major cities in Telangana region and Telangana state dependence on Hyderabad revenue will be heavy and without entire Hyderabad revenue in their kitty, the Telangana state will run into financial difficulties.

As far as Income Tax, Central Excise duty, Customs and Service Tax is concerned the same will go to centres kitty and distributed between states as per the formula.


  1. The employment opportunities in Hyderabad can be divided into public and private employment.
  2. As far as the public employment is concerned the share of public employment VIZ private employment is coming down every day. The recruitment to the public services is governed by Presidential orders and at per the Presidential order,  70 to 85% of the posts up to first gazette level are reserved for local and the remaining percentage is open to all. Similar is the case in Andhra Region at present. The number of posts in Gazetted and above category is very less running into few hundreds only every year. Therefore there is nothing to lose in public employment.
  3. As far as private employment is software companies etc at Hyderabad is concerned. The employment is open to all. At present thousands of persons from all concerned of India are employed in Hyderabad. There is no reservation to locals or anybody in private employment all over India and even foreign citizens are working in Hyderabad. Post bifurcation also the situation will be the same like all over India. The losing out on private employment post bifurcation in Hyderabad is an argument without any foundation and has no merits what so ever.


  • Like employment the admission into state institutions are governed by the Presidential order and 85% of the seats in all institutions are reserved for local candidates and 15% open to all. There is nothing to change post bifurcation.
  • The admission into IIT and other Central Institutions are all India based with no reservation for local candidates. Post bifurcation also students from Andhra and Telangana will have to compete with candidates from all over India for admission into IIT at Medak, NIFT at Hyderabad and BITS at Ranga Reddy. There won’t be any change in the situation.
  • It is matter of record that number of professional colleges, universities and schools run by the State are far exceeding in number in Andhra Region compared to Telangana Region.
  • In private institutions the admissions there is significant management quota and the  most of the private institutions are owned by Seemandhra people and convener quota follows merit and all living in Hyderabad are equal as is even now.

Jai Hind

3 thoughts on “Myths on Hyderabad

  1. veerunaiduk

    It is hoped that security fears of Seemandhra people will remain myth only. The regional party TRS chief started his campaign for separate Telengana with slogan,” Andhrawala bhago! telengana jago!” he repeatedly says Andhra settlers should leave, Andhra employee should go back to Andhra. in early days of his agitation, college lecturers who came for spot valuation in Hyderabad were beaten. His henchmen have destroyed the properties of cine producers Like Mohan babu Krishna etc. removal of statues of poets and Telugu leaders from Tankbund during the peoples march is well known, because it it politically advantageous to them even now TRS leader KCR, his subordinates like Eatela Rjender and some Congress MPS who imitate KCR use foul language against Andhra people. The people who resorted to buses burning and property destruction were let off and cases withdrawn. After the division the post partition rioting may erupt. The fears of local people against TRS party workers is justified. If KCR represents the culture of Telengana and it’s people, ordinary man will not have trust or confidence in Telengana people and their gentleness. it is not belittling Telengana people. people get the government and the rulers they deserve. i am following your tweets.

    1. Venkat Gandhi Post author

      All I can tell you is from Vivekananda
      Face your fears. Once, while a wandering monk, Vivekananda was chased by a large group of screeching monkeys. He was running as quickly as he could when a monk instructed him: ‘Face the brutes!’ He stopped, stared at the creatures and they quickly dispersed. Use Vivekanada’s experience as a reminder to face your own fears with the same courage rather than running away from fear.

    2. Venkat Gandhi Post author

      No single can ever represent all the people of region, state and country they hold the position they hold.
      Wiser not to forget the Mother Earth is not going to remain while the mortals can not, so the wisdom probably lies in going by actual experience one has than imagination or fear finally best is to have self confidence and take the judgement that best suits


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