No more ‘creative’ experiments with Telangana

Let the defeat of Narakasura by the Avatar of Bhudevi and Krishna’s Wife Satyabhama on the occassion of Deepavali enlighten the the elite in Delhi presiding over the status of Hyderabad for Telangana,
Its ultimately in the hands of Bhudevi not the lessor mortals, its the choice of Bhudevi that Hyderabad is the Heart of Telangana and no mortal can change it, no matter how powerful he/she may be.

Thats the simplicity in essence Sujai is saying as “No more experiments with Telanagana

కట్టా మీఠా

Sujai Karampuri

In the history of mankind, many kings and government officials have made some mega blunders while carving out nations and states. They resorted to ‘creative’ experiments, guided sometimes by greed, sometimes by pride, sometimes by ignorance, and sometimes by a naïve desire to satisfy all stakeholders. While creativity in experimentation is usually considered an essential attribute in science or arts, it has never yielded good results when it came to the serious and grave matters of geopolitical solutions. Invariably most such ‘creative’ experiments resulted in huge upheavals for the people, and led to conflicts, violent revolutions, mass movements, assassinations, coups, instability and warfare. The issues that originated during redrawing of boundaries festered on for decades and some for centuries. Almost always, the key decision makers who carved out nations and states were obsessed with some unrealistic idea which they refused to let go even when prevailing wisdom suggested…

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