ABC of capital cities in India

Sujai Karampuri Giving background, precedence, procedures and constitutional provisions regarding Capital City..
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Hyderabad – No to Joint or Shared Capital

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Sujai Karampuri

What is a state’s capital?

A state could have administrative, legislative and judicial capitals. ‘Legislative’ capital houses the state assembly, while the ‘administrative’ capital houses the state’s government offices. Judicial capital houses the state high court. When we refer to the capital city of a state, it is usually a city that hosts both administrative and legislative capitals. A state could operate its high court from another city – for example, Uttar Pradesh has its high court in Allahabad while the state capital is Lucknow.

Who decides the capital city for a state in India?

Contrary to the prevailing opinion in Andhra Pradesh, the Union Government does not decide where a state’s capita should be, nor does it mention the state’s capital in the state reorganization bill. The responsibility of choosing a state capital resides with each state. It can decide to host its administrative and legislative capitals…

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