Why Telangana? What was Tyranny of Majority?

Background of Andhra & Telangana

It is important for the readers to keep in mind below historical facts.

  • Telangana as part of State of Hyderabad ruled by Nizam,  got freedom and joined Indian Union only on 17th September 1948, thanks to the Home Minister of India and Deputy PM Sardar Patel decision to send Indian Army to defeat the Nizam’s private militia Razakar’s  through Operation Polo.
  • In 1952 Amarajeevi Sri Potti Sriramulu Sacrificed his life thru fast unto death fighting for share in the city of Madras as the Andhra state for Telugu people was already agreed (Note Telangana has ZERO connection with this fight) details here
  • Hyderabad State existed from 1948 till 1956 for 6 years and
  • Andhra state existed after separation from Madras with capital at Kurnool distinctly from 1953 to 1956 for 3 years
  • Merger of Telangana Region of Hyderabad State with Andhra state was not with the consent of the then assembly of Hyderabad State. It is Govt of India decision as empowered by Article 3 of constitution of India.
  • Releasing the SRC report in 1955, in Para 386, the Commission pointed out, “ After taking all these factors into consideration we have come to the conclusions that it will be in the interests of Andhra as well as Telangana areas to constitute into a separate State, which may be known as the Hyderabad State with provision for its unification with Andhra after the general elections likely to be held in or about 1961, if by a two thirds majority the legislature of the residency of Hyderabad State expresses itself in favor of such unification.”  Hyderabad State reorganization Map from 1956 SRC is given below.
  • Map of Hyderabad Telangana SRC in 1956

  • GoI (Govt of India) negotiated “Gentlemen’s Agreement between Andhra and Telangana” before announcing the Merger of the two states. Find the full text here
  • Constitution of India does not have any reference to language as the basis for the formation of any state, it is only governed by Article 3

Tyranny of Majority

The tyranny of the majority is the dilemma facing a democracy when a minority‘s (Telangana with 117 MLA’s ) own interests are consistently blocked by an electoral majority (Andhra wih 175 MLA’s).

Small list to illustrate how the Tyranny of Majority played out in the AP after merger with Andhra in 1956 for the people of Telangana:

  1. Immediately after state formation most of the Terms in the Gentlemen’s Agreement were disbanded by the very first Chief Minister of AP
  2. None of the 3 CM’s of State of AP (Sri P V Narsimha Rao, Sri T Anjiah, Sri M Chenna Reddy) from Telangana till date were allowed to complete their term (not even 2 year). Not get surprised that includes former Prime Minister of India who could complete full term heading a minority govt for India.
  3. Total of only 1,348 days in 20,805 days of existence of the state (mere 6.5%) time in 57 years that any originally a Telangana person could be the Chief Minister of the Andhra Pradesh, ZERO since last 22 Years! that includes the current phase of 12 years of strong democratic agitation.
  4. Telangana has lost the constitutional remedy to seek its allocation of waters of the Gifted Godavari and Krishna River waters with the merger, as in our constitution a region of a state has no locus standi in the water tribunal or in any court and 3.5 crore people in Telangana are deprived of any constitutional and judicial remedy for the water utilization from the South India’s Top 2 rivers Godavari and Krishna running through in their backyard, it is because intra-state is purely the subject of state government .  The tragedy is within the state the might of the majority region through CM, numerical strength in assembly, Govt Bureaucracy and the media prevails.
  5. Rivers Krishna and Godavari traverse through Telangana and Seema- Andhra regions. The catchment area of these basins of Krishna and Godavari in Telangana and Seema-Andhra are 68.50% and 31.5 %; and 79% and 21.0 % respectively. While Telangana gets about 2 Lac Acres Canal Irrigation vs about 15 Lacs Acres of Canal Irrigation in Andhra. Refer Sri Krishna committee report Chapter 4 (Figure 4.4, 4.5 & 4.6)
  6. Promises Betrayal and Repression – The Saga of Telangana gives good insight of the real story of struggle of Telangana people.
  7. The level of resistance, and “by all means oppose” attitude adopted by Anti Telangana forces expose, all of above was real and the resistance is natural, for any human does not voluntarily forego the undue benefit enjoyed for 57 years, that makes one believe it to be birth right, while the fact was, not quite..

The Five Questions to Anti Telangana Parties, Leaders, Activists & People

  1. Do you abide by the constitution of India and the Article 3 ?
  2. If yes, What are the constitutional reasons of people of Seemandhra origin living anywhere in the world, to oppose the de-merger of failed merger of Andhra state with the Hyderabad Telangana in 1956, as decided by Cabinet of GoI to grant statehood to Telangana with Hyderabad as the capital  (#The29thState)?
  3. What are the constitutional rights other than the desire to rule Telangana that the state of Telangana takes away from any Seemandhra person or any Indian for that matter?
  4. What legal assets of any Indian can Telangana State or any state can take away?
  5. Which state Govt has any say in any private employment opportunity? then, whats the irrelevant argument of losing job opportunities in Hyderabad or Telangana or anywhere in India, when over 80% are employed in Pvt sector.

Lessons to India from Telangana

  • India stands for Unity in Diversity respect it.
  • Do not play with emotions, respect identities, respect diversity, protect and support them
  • No State can take away any Constitutional Right of Indian, Makes no difference to Citizen a fact to be told
  • State is part of decentralization of Governance and bringing governance closer to the people.
  • No state can take away any legal asset of any Indian.

Say No to Language Chauvinism

Say No to Tyranny of Majority

Our Jati is Bharat

Our Religion is India

Our Holy Book is Constitution of India.

Jai Telangana, Jai Andhra, Jai Rayalaseema

Jai Hind

Vande Mataram


12 thoughts on “Why Telangana? What was Tyranny of Majority?

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  2. Anand

    Thank you for detailed article. I just have fundamental question.
    Are we moving forward or back?. You must be really smart to read history and draw conclusions. Please read this,http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/States_Reorganisation_Act,_1956
    according your argument all reorganized states in 1956 should go back to what they were. Along the same lines it is interesting to notice that you and other supporters select a point in history and hung up on it. Why not go back to Hyderabad state boundaries as it was or why not just go back to nizam’s rule, sounds stupid isn’t it. Same feeling here with your arguments. I am sure you must be thinking I am from andhra, you are wrong I am from Hyderabad and originally from warangal. I have lot more comments, will be writing them soon. It’s natural we try to find reasons we like and blame other for our failures. Take some personal responsibility and move country forward , as it is Hyderabad is loosing it’s status as best city due to all this back and forth.i see for some reason it is in our nature to make 10 steps forward and go back 9 steps, I prey god to get us out of this cycle. No disrespect to you, just pointing out what I noticed.

    1. Venkat Gandhi Post author

      Dear Anand,

      I am an Indian and so are you, there is nothing personal against any Indian in whatever I wrote.
      Its about governance and empowering people to take charge of their destiny. India with 40 Crore population in 1956 is now 120 Crores and hence have to move forward and do more decentralization..

      Its human to make mistakes, so do nations, but to learn and correct is where the wisdom lies..

      My point is simple the merger proves to be a mistake and the lessons have been learnt and time to move forward..

      Japan with 12 crore population has 47 Prefectures..
      USA with 40 crore population has 50 States..
      India not only needs #29thState Telangana it needs to re-organize UP on Priority before people agitate due to failure of successive regimes to get the state out of the vicious politics and governance it got into in last two decades..

      Lets us not just pray but tell the facts not fears or keep silent..

      In silence, we are ending up supporting the false propaganda and malicious campaign of vested interests..

      I must also say, Telangana belongs to all living in the land that includes the heart Hyderabad.

      It does not belong to any particular language, ethnicity, party or least any family or individual.

      Appeal to all not to insult people living in the land by seeing them thru any prism and expressing an
      un-found fear, it is actually an insult to the people who warmly hosted people from all over the world for more than four centuries in Hyderabad many more centuries in Telangana

      1. Anand

        Dear Venkat,
        Everyone has their destiny in their hand, don’t be dependent on government for things like jobs,water,shelter,food….. No matter how you dress up a pig, it’s still a pig so It is going back and is not the answer, it just makes some people happy and others unhappy. It’s like shifting perceived problem one place to other. If water is the top issue, proposal needs to be around drawing borders along the lines of rivers to be fair to every one. For some reason too many people are brainwashed to be dependent on centralized water systems. It is impractical for everyone to be dependent on it, no matter how many times you divide a state. point here is these central systems can’t serve everyone in the country. Please read or watch RWH in YouTube and their success stories in India, important thing here to note is no dependency on government.also do read point return good news india , it is a great inspiration and role model for a world citizen.

        That’s a good point , don’t just pray. Having no money is a fact,but just knowing fact is not enough, important thing to know is how you earn. There are choices both bad ones and good ones, if it is hurting some one else it is definitely a bad choice.this is where I am trying to help.

        I have a problem with sense of entitlement, everyone needs to work hard and earn it no matter where they are. It’s not what you were that counts, it’s what you are. Don’t live in past. No one is hosting anyone, india is a free country. Everyone has the right to live where they wish to and they become part of the family. Forget about regions and state borders, It is working between countries, Indians settled in US have equal rights as Americans, because they are part of the family.

        Thank you for at least having dialogue, I noticed many separatists just build a wall when they hear opposing argument and that would mean the end of their growth.

        1. Venkat Gandhi Post author

          Dear Anand

          Good you now seem to agree on some at least that’s a welcome progress I guess..
          all those u r suggesting to read will apply irrespective of how many states India has now or in future..
          Please do not deviate from the subject ..

          Now fundamentally the difference in your and my view is around should an undue benefit be called entitlement / right and not having undue benefit anymore become injustice..

          State Govt Policies and allocations of Tax payers money in India is largely with the Chief Minister and with the ministers and bureacrats he/she would trust..

          What any individual can aspire is within what the State Govt allocates and lets you access not beyond..

          The destiny I am referring to is the Macro Level Destiny that is Set by the State Govt ..Which to-day is Anti Telangana openly and was in disguise hitherto.. No amount of argument will change that past and present..

          Finally friend its Outrageous for Any Indian to cal a Fellow indian fighting for statehood under constitution of India to be called separatists..

          Will see if you would show the decency to Regret the term ..

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