Suggestions to GoM looking into bifurcation of State of Andhra Pradesh and formation of new State of Telangana

To the Honorable Home Minister of India and

Group of Ministers looking into the bifurcation of State of Andhra Pradesh and formation of New State of Telangana

Here by submit my suggestions to your kind considerations as per the terms of reference

I.  Determine the boundaries of the new state of Telangana and the residuary state of Andhra Pradesh with reference to the electoral constituencies, judicial and statutory bodies, and other administrative units.

    • Boundaries: Residual AP should be exactly same as it was before merger in 1956 and avoid unnecessary controversy.
    • Capital City of Residual AP : This must be named by GoM in the bill for following reasons

Avoid constitutional problem as there is no precedence till date where the state capital has not been named in the bill and is outside of the state geography.

Joint capital without being Union Territory (there is no precedence and will throw both constitutional and administrative challenges that may fail judicial scrutiny)

Govt of AP running from far away location of Hyderabad is of no benefit to the people of Residual AP as the Servant of people, Govt should be closer and within reach mutually.

  1. Its time for Residual AP and Telangana to move forward than waste time in mutual maneuvering

II.          Look into the legal and administrative measures required to ensure that both the state governments can function efficiently from Hyderabad as the common capital for 10 years.

  • Hyderabad has to be the Capital City of Telangana from Day 1 and with Residual AP capital city named, 10 years is maximum transition period for Residual AP to run its Government with minimum immediate disturbance to governance and employees and work out smooth transition to the new capital city.
  • Words sharing, joint are misleading and should be replaced by Residual AP right to operate its Govt during maximum transition period of 10 years.
  • Administration of Residual AP

①     Both Govt should be separated in the same office building for first year

②     Consolidated into one zone (within 3 Km distance) for all Residual AP state govt offices to function smoothly with cohesion  in Year 2

③     Year 3 onwards start relocating to the new capital city

④     Target to complete the Transition in 5 years

⑤     Year 6 to 10 is only for the purpose of employees opting to continue to live in Hyderabad under options during the employees distribution between the two state governments

⑥     Administration of Hyderabad cannot and should not be under Govt of India.

⑦     Administration of Hyderabad cannot and should not be shared, joint between two state governments

III.          Take into account the legal, financial and administrative measures that may be required for transition to a new capital of the residuary State of Andhra Pradesh.

  • All financial help for the residual AP new capital must come from Govt of India as per past precedence.

IV.          Look into the special needs of the backward regions and districts of both the states and recommend measures.

  • Backward regions of Telangana would at least require full and exclusivity of Hyderabad to Telangana for the state to start addressing the backwardness in entire state outside of Hyderabad
  • Backward Rayalaseema and North Coastal Andhra require specific time bound packages from Govt of India

V.          Look into issues relating to law and order, safety and security of all residents and ensure peace and harmony in all regions and districts consequent to the formation of the state of Telangana and the residuary state of Andhra Pradesh, and the long term internal security implications arising out of the move and make suitable recommendations.

  • Law and Order of Telangana including Hyderabad will have to be with state of Telangana and Law and order of Residual AP with Residual State of AP.
  • No experimentation of Delhi, Chandigarh type will work and are preposterous in the very thought about the commitment of people of Hyderabad and Telangana.

VI.          Look into the sharing of river water, irrigation resources and other natural resources (especially coal, water, oil and gas) between the two states and also interests with other states, including the declaration of Polavaram Irrigation Project as a National Project.

  •  Nagarjuna Sagar and Srisailam the Mega Projects on Krishna River to have

①     3 member controlling office at site with 1 member each from both states and Central Water Authority

②     Prepare the Inflow, Level and outflow stipulations and publish

③     Create on-line monitoring system of actual level, inflow and discharge and compliance with stipulation for transparency and prevent disputes

  • Palamuru District with Floride Water Problem taking lives of many thousands require a national project to supply drinking water from Krishna to each village like Satya Sai Trust did in Ananthapur district
  • National Project to setup a Growth Center in Rayalaseema in a location chosen by the legislators of the region

VII.          Look into issues related to power generation, transmission and distribution between the two states.

  • Mutual tie up on Coal Supplies and Power Supply
  • Water Release and Power supply

VIII.          Look into the issues arising on account of distribution of assets, public finance, public corporations and liabilities thereof between the two states.

  • This should follow exactly as per the past precedence and not introduce any new legally and constitutionally untenable claims on Hyderabad and its revenues..
  • Major part of revenues currently shown under Hyderabad automatically shift to residual state when the new Capital city is named and the corporations of residual state when the accruals from 13 districts automatically shift their.
  • Current Hyderabad revenue numbers should not be utilized in such calculation as they are quite misleading and would automatically fall after bifurcation as the 13 districts revenues do not accrue to Telangana thru Hyderabad but go to the residual AP state.

IX.          Look into the issues relating to the distribution of the employees in the subordinate as well as All India Services between the two states.

  • All employees who opt Govt of Residual AP but want to continue to stay in Hyderabad than relocate to the new capital city of residual AP, the cost of them is to be borne by Govt of AP or Central Government not Govt of Telangana

X.          Look into the issues arising out of the Presidential Order issued under Article 371D of the Constitution consequent to the bifurcation and

XI.          Examine any other matter that may arise on account of bifurcation of the state of Andhra Pradesh and make suitable recommendations.

  • To promote the unity at people level and closer relationships between governments and people suggest to have “Telugu Friendship Agreement” along with the Bill
  • Include both states nominating 1 representative in other states Legislative Council. ie TG state nominates 1 member in AP legislative council and AP state nominates 1 member in TG legislative council
  • Continue Telugu University as one and have AP and TG representative head for 3 & 2 years respectively every 5 years

Jai Telangana, Jai Andhra, Jai Rayala Seema, Jai Hind

Poddutoori Venkata Gandhi

Citizen of India


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