Questions to the Anti Telangana Parties, Leaders, Activists & People

Since last 70 days there has been hue and cry by millions of brothers and sisters of Andhra and Rayala Seema origin who are saying many many different things but the only common denomination factor is to oppose and deny Telangana Statehood..

I have tried my best to get answers in my interactions through SM and could not get clear answer to the below fundamental questions :

1. Do you abide by the constitution of India and the Article 3 ?

2. If yes, What are the constitutional reasons of people of Seemandhra origin living anywhere in the world to oppose the de-merger of failed merger of Andhra state with the Hyderabad Telangana in 1956 as per the decision of Cabinet of GoI  granting the statehood to Telangana with Hyderabad as the capital as #The29thState..

3. What are the constitutional rights other than the desire to rule Telangana that the state of Telangana takes away from any Seemandhra person or any Indian for that matter

4. What legal assets of any Indian can Telangana State or any state can take away

5. Which state Govt has any say in any private employment opportunity so whats the irrelevant argument of losing job opportunities in Hyderabad or Telangana or anywhere in India, when over 80% are employed in Pvt sector

Am i wrong to

Say No to Language Chauvinism

Say No to Tyranny of Majority

Our Jati is Bharat

Our Religion is India

Our Holy Book is Constitution of India.

Bless not just the #The29thState bless another 10plus states that India needs to
strengthen Unity in Diversity, Empowerment of all Regions of India, Decentralization of Power,
Bring Governance closer to the people and make it easy to hold it accountable for its performance.

Best Performing states in India to-day Kerala, Gujarat, Punjab, Haryana, MP, Chattisgarh, Delhi all stand proof of it..

Time for people to say
Jai Telangana, Jai Seemandhra, Jai Hind


2 thoughts on “Questions to the Anti Telangana Parties, Leaders, Activists & People

  1. Janardhan

    My Dear Venkat G,

    I think I need not answer your queries. Because, I am not anti Telangana socially. I have so many relatives from Telangana. Next, politically also if Telangana wants a State of its own I have no objection. If I have objection also who cares ? I am not a prominent person for the decision makers to consider my opinion here.

    At present Government of India is one of the weakest and worst Governments India has ever had. I need not give any explanation for this comment of mine. Every person knows it. GOI is a minority government. President and Prime Ministers have become puppets in the hands of extra constitutional person who is wielding power without responsibility. So the present GOI should not be allowed to take decisions on a strategic issue like division of State of AP.

    Please read Article 3 fully. This article was amended in 1955 itself making it mandatory for the President to send the bill to concerned State assembly before introduction of the Bill in Parliament. That means the proposed bill prepared by the Cabinet must be agreeable to the President and Assembly of the State concerned.

    And there is another article called 371D which was enacted in 1973 to ensure equitable share of employment opportunities to all regions of the State of Andhra Pradesh. This article was brought into force by Indira Gandhi to placate Coastal districts people and made them to withdraw ” agitation for separation of Andhra State from AP State. If any process on division of the State is to be taken first this Article 371D must be scrapped which needs 2/3 rd majority in Parliament to pass.

    There was never any kind of dictatorship by Coastal people over Telangana region. And there was never any kind of Majority tyranny to call in AP. If there is any majority tyranny so many CMs like T Anjayya, M Chennareddy, J Venkagalarao, P V Narasimharao, etc.,from Telangana region would not have ruled the State as CMs.


    1. Venkat Gandhi Post author

      Thank you Mr Janardhan for stating you have no objection for the state of Telangana.
      Its the same old dubious statement that is not equal to stating
      I am supporting or
      even I am not against Telangana state.

      By now people have come to realize the actual meaning and intent of such statements.

      Not just you but vast majority of Indians are disappointed of Government of India and that includes the dithering for 9 years on telangana
      Just as everything good man does is not necessarily good, everything that a Bad man does is not necessarily bad.
      Each case has to be judged on the merits.
      Just because the timing and the way it was done is not to ones liking does not make the decision bad.
      Decision has to be judged for the contents not otherwise..
      The decision is correct and good to strengthen Indias unity in diversity and decentralization of governance

      There was no reference to the Assembly of state of Punjab that was done after 1955 and it was done by putting the state under Presidents rule.
      If you can share the Resolution adopted with the Vote count in assembly of Hyderabad State in 1956, I would be quite obliged as I am trying to find one.
      The hidden intent to imply the assembly concurrence is mandatory the intent of “Tyranny of Majority ” is coming out in your comment..

      You forgot to mention the tyranny of majority has not allowed even former Prime Minister and India’s statesmen Sri P V Narasimha Rao to complete the term and was replaced mid way and same was repeated to Anjiah and Chenna Reddy..
      Kudos to your kindness to call Sri Jalagam Vengal Rao born and bought up in Andhra to be called a Telangana Representative just because he was representing Khammam !!
      Then Sri Narsimha Rao having represented Nandyal and Ramtek in Maharastra becomes Andhra person or Maharatra person..

      The fact is Statehood does not change any right of any Indian and its complete preposterous for anyone to oppose simply because one wish to keep control ..


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