Solution to the Dilemma of AP – Bapu, Please Guide Govt of India

Dear Bapu

My Motherland Telangana in my country has been endlessly suffering for very long time particularly since it has been betrayed of a constitutional promise of granting statehood made on 9th Dec 2009 in the temple of Indian democracy that is Parliament of India.

Not one leader in the ruling party has shown clarity, conviction and courage to conceive the constitutional solution and communicate and complete it..

On 31st January 2013, I shared my idea based on my understanding, experience of all three regions Andhra, Telangana and Rayala Seema in the state of Andhra Pradesh..

I blogged the same on India’s independence Day 15th August 2013

To-day, Bapu

I pray to you to bless with wisdom and courage to our national ruling leadership to complete the process of Statehood of Telangana soon and give the people their deserved chance to take charge of their destiny under the constitution of India.

With my limited wisdom, I feel the following steps may help :

Prime Minister lead Cabinet must pass the note with following and make quick reference to the State Assembly through President for eliciting the opinion of state legilative assembly:

Govt of India  :

  • Has concluded to grant statehood to Telangana with 10 districts including Hyderabad.
  • Has also concluded that Remaining part of the Andhra Pradesh has the right to share Hyderabad up to maximum of 10 years period
  • Seeking the views of Legislators from Andhra and Rayala Seema on following:

– Whether the two regions wish to continue to be united or not

– Preferred location of Capital City or Cities in both cases.

Govt must clearly state in the Note, It is Ministry of Home Affairs as per Constitutional Procedures will conclude the sharing of Govt Employees, Assets, Liabilities, Revenues.

Also set the deadline to conclude the process before the next parliament session in December 2013

Jai Telangana, Jai Andhra, Jai Rayala Seema

Jai Hind


2 thoughts on “Solution to the Dilemma of AP – Bapu, Please Guide Govt of India

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